Behringer BA 19A Condenser Boundary Microphone

Bass Mic Like Never Before!

Are you searching for a boundary mic that’ll clearly pick up the thunder and attack of your acoustic instrument? recording pros find the Behringer BA 19A boundary condenser microphone an ideal recorder for drum kits, pianos, and generally bass-heavy hotspots, given it is engineered to capture low-frequency response with impressive precision. A flat-laying, in-shell mic for your kick drum? Done! Of course, with its integrated slide-switch Presence Filter, you can dictate how much treble attack you want to hear. This condenser boundary mic delivers every signal with crystalline presence courtesy of its onboard preamp and redesigned capsule, sporting a half-cardioid polar pattern that helps to kick feedback, ambient intrusions, and general noise to the curb. To top things off, the BA 19A boasts super-durable and impact-resistant metal housing plus a carrying case, so you can rest easy knowing your boundary mic will travel in peace.
  • Condenser mic with a half-cardioid polar pattern for feedback and ambient noise resistance
  • Onboard preamp and redesigned capsule present a phenomenally clear signal
  • Boundary design allows for flat-laying recording on a variety of surfaces, from the floors to grand piano lids
  • Incredible bass frequency response, perfect for pianos, drum kits, and more
  • Integrated slide-switch Presence Filter allows for adjustment of treble attack
  • Durable and impact-resistant metal housing stands up to the rigors of frequent use
  • Carrying case makes for easy transporting
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AKG C411 PP Condenser Pickup Microphone XLR
FEEL THE VIBE for acoustic guitar and other string instruments on stage and in the studio The C411 is a miniature vibration pickup for acoustic guitar, mandolin, violin and most other string instruments. Its integrated condenser capsule will reproduce the sound of the instrument clearly and without coloration. The C411 ultralight pickup (18g/0.6oz) can be easily attached on or near the bridge with the included nonmarking, solvent-free adhesive pad without changing the balance of the instrument. The C411 is available in two versions. The C411 PP features a MPAV standard XLR connector while the C411 L provides a professional three-pin mini XLR connector that fits the body-pack transmitters of all AKG wireless microphone systems.
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AKG C414 XLII Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone
Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone with 9 Switchable Polar Patterns
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Made in Germany
Neumann U87Ai

The standard of the recording industry since 1967.

The Neumann U87 has reigned as one of the most beloved and frequently employed large-diaphragm condenser microphones for more than 45 years now. It's more popular and widely used today than ever before, which is really the greatest possible testament that can given to a piece of analog audio technology. There are simply some designs that can't be beaten!
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Made in Germany
Neumann TLM102
Transformerless, Large-diaphragm, Compact, Cardioid Condenser Microphone
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Made in Germany
Neumann TLM103
The Neumann TLM 103 large-diaphragm cardioid condenser mic boasts a capsule drawn from the U 87 and transformerless circuitry - not to mention classic Neumann sound! The TLM 103 is a great mic for any pro or project studio use and, due to its minimal self-noise, it's been used for classical recordings with a wide dynamic range, sampling (especially for very low amplitude sources), and Foley work. This mic is also robust enough for the live stage, as Jack White has employed the TLM 103 to mic amps in live situations.
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Made in Germany
Neumann TLM 107
Large-diaphragm Multipattern Condenser Microphone with 5 Polar Patterns, 3-position Pad, and 3-position Highpass Filter
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Aston Microphones Spirit Bundle
Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone with Cardioid, Omni, and Figure-8 Polar Patterns, 1" Gold-evaporated Capsule, and Built-in Pop Filter; Matching Swiftshield Pop Filter; and Matching Custom Shock Mount
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Audio-Technica AT4080 Active Ribbon Microphone

You'll Love the Natural Sound of This Robust Ribbon Mic!

The Audio Technica AT4080 active ribbon microphone gives you the unbeatably smooth, natural sound of a great ribbon mic — plus the kind of rock-solid reliability not always associated with a ribbon! Housed in a classically rugged, "suspension cradled" housing that resembles a side-address condenser microphone, the AT4080 flourishes in both studio and live environments. This mic's innovative, robust ribbon design makes it worthy of a long-term spot in your mic locker! Optimized for vocals, acoustic instruments, and orchestral frequency ranges, the fully bidirectional AT4080 is a rock-solid active ribbon performer!
  • Smooth, warm and natural sound for recording, broadcast, and sound-reinforcement applications
  • Audio-Technica ribbon design with 18 patents pending including proprietary MicroLinear ribbon imprint for superior durability
  • Innovative dual ribbon construction for increased sensitivity
  • Extremely powerful N50 neodymium magnets for high output level
  • Ultrafine mesh guards against ribbon damage
  • Classic bidirectional (figure-8) polar pattern picks up sounds equally from the front and back of the element
  • High-SPL capability and extended frequency response
  • Extended frequency response for natural audio reproduction
  • Acoustic baffle system and extra large output transformer provide natural low-frequency response and extended dynamic range
  • Handmade production, including ribbon corrugation, imprint and assembly
  • Open acoustical environment of the housing assembly minimizes unwanted internal reflections
  • Phantom-powered active electronics provide stable impedance and higher output for maximum compatibility with microphone preamplifiers
  • Custom shock mount provides superior isolation
  • Polar pattern: Figure-8
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-18kHz
  • Open circuit sensitivity: -39dB (7.9 mV) dB re 1V at 1 Pa
  • Impedance: 100 ohms
  • Max input sound level: 150dB SPL, 1kHz at 1% T.H.D.
  • Noise: 22dB SPL
  • Dynamic range (typical): Mid - 128dB, 1kHz at Max SPL
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 72dB, 1kHz at 1 Pa
  • Weight: 16.7 oz.
  • Dimensions: 6.99" length; 2.10" maximum body diameter
  • Output connectors: Integral 3-pin XLRM-type
  • Included accessories: AT8449/SV shock mount for 5/8"-27 threaded stands; microphone dust cover; protective carrying case
  • Requires +48V phantom power
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BM800 Condenser Mic USB-XLR
  • The microphone is designed to plug & play. You don't have to install any software or complex settings. Just connect to your Mac or Windows computers and start your first podcasting. (Notice: Not compatible with Xbox and Cellphone ends)
  • There's professional sound chipset preset inside. With the soundproof cotton, your voice will appear to be as actual and clear as your real voice. It has cut off most unnecessary noise and returned the most actual sound for you.
  • The whole equipment in the image are available including: a). Condenser Microphone + b). Shock Mount + d). e). Windscreen Foam + g). USB Sound Card. +h). XLR-3.5mm Cable
  • Mic Supports Both XLR use & USB Sound Card (Included)
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Noise Free Calibrated Phantom Power Supply 48V

Noise Free, Calibrated & Clean +48v Phantom Power Supply

More gear today — dynamic mics, DI boxes, even guitar equipment — requires phantom power than ever before. When you need an extra channel of clean, consistent, dependable +48v phantom power, reach for the dedicated phantom power supply. What's really cool about this power supply is that it powers from a standard wall supply (included). Built-Like-A-Tank construction keeps it working like a charm between the home, road, and studio.
  • Clean & Stable +48V Phantom Power (Noise Free & Calibration Tested)
  • Powered by included AC power supply
  • Standard XLR input & output
  • Low-noise signal path
  • Compact and rugged metal construction
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Behringer MicroPower PS400 48V Phantom Power Supply

Phantom Power to Go!

Need phantom power? Grab the Behringer MicroPower PS400 phantom power supply, and power up! Just plug in the included power supply, and you're ready to supply either 12V or 48V of phantom power to your condenser mic. Connect your condenser mic to the Mic Input and send a line from the Mic Thru to your mixer. If you need phantom power, look no further than the Behringer MicroPower PS400.
  • Selectable 12V/48V phantom power
  • Powered by included power supply
  • All-metal construction
  • Low-noise signal path
  • Compact and portable
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Neewer NW-700 Condenser Microphone Kit
  • The Set Includes: (1) Condenser Microphone, (1)Adjustable Suspension Scissor Arm Stand, (1)Table Mounting Clamp, (1)Metal Shock Mount, (1)Pop Filter, (1)Ball-type Anti-wind Foam Cap, (1)3.5mm Male to XLR Female Cable. NOTE: Sound Card, 48V Phantom Power, 1/4" to XLR Cable & XLR to XLR Cable are needed to purchase additionally; If you want better sound effect, a sound card should be used; Please use a extra 48V phantom power adapter to connect it (phantom power adapter is not included)
  • The professional condenser microphone adopts the completely new audio circuit. Capture rich, full-bodied sound from sources that are directly in front of the mic. The cardioid pick-up pattern minimizes background noise and isolates the main sound source.
  • The adjustable scissor arm stand is made out of all steel construction, sturdy and durable. Folding type, convenient to carry. Can be mounted on the announcers' table. The double-braced arms add strength. *Max load: Approx. 35oz / 1KG*
  • The microphone wind screen pop filter shield can ensure that your tracks are audible and easy to understand. And also it will make sure your message loud and clear, and banish the dreaded hissing and lisping sounds.
  • The metal shock mount features an angle adjustment with locking knob and can effectively reduce handling noise. The ball-type anti-wind foam cap can protect microphone against wind interference and singers' spit. The microphone can not be used with mobile phone and tablet computer. NOTE: It cannot work with Mac.
Sapphire 249 PRO Condenser Microphone Pack
Sapphire 249 PRO is a professional condenser microphone, which adopts the exacting complete electronic circuit control and gold-plate diaphragm capsule, the microphone with a good cardioids polar pickup pattern, high output, low self-noise, and the accurate reproduction of even the most subtle sound, suitable especially for studios, recording studios, broadcasting stations, stage performances and computer. Absolutely fulfil the requirement for broadcasting and recording, Features:
  • Professional core design sound head, make the microphone sound full and full round and no distortion.
  • Anti corrosion three needle gold plating XLR interface, the sound quality is wide response frequency, capture sound source accurate, sound quality clear.
  • The audio circuit uses low noise electronic components to make the microphone with low noise performance, so that you don't have to worry about the noise of the microphone.
  • High sensitivity, wide frequency response, and more effective reduction of sound.
  • Premium metal build.
  • Easy to use, plug and play
  • Standard XLR Microphone Input (requires Phantom Power)
  • Microphone, XLR Cable, Wind Screen (Foam), & High Quality Shock Mount Included
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Samson C05 Handheld Condenser Microphone
The Samson C05 handheld condenser has been added to the ConcertLine Series. It's great for obtaining studio quality vocals for live performance. The C05 features a 19mm multi-axis shock mounted capsule, condenser optimized cardioid pickup pattern, gold plated XLR connection and 48-volt phantom power operation. Included is an XLR mic cable, mic stand clip and carry pouch.
  • Cardioid Pickup Pattern
  • 19mm shock-mounted capsule
  • Gold-plated XLR connector
  • Die-Cast Zinc Casing
  • Carry Pouch, Mic cable & Mic Clip included
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iCON M2 Large Diaphragm Condenser
M2 is a true large diaphragm (1”) condenser. Comes in singular cardioid pattern. Switchable high-pass filter & 10 dB pad. Class A preamp with very low self noise yet has high output level and high SPL. Comes in striking light gold color, optional swivel mount (SM02)
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Behringer ECM8000 Measurement Condenser Microphone
Measurement Condenser Microphone for Use with Behringer Ultracurve or Any Other Audio Spectrum Analyzer
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iCON C1 Handheld Condenser Mic
C1 Condenser Microphone (Designed specifically for the UPod Live, UPod Pro, UPod Nano, LivePod Plus and some compatible mobile devices.) Features
  • Large 25mm diaphragm condenser microphone specially tuned for present, clear, powerful vocals
  • Rugged, durable chassis protects the capsule while maintaining a nice, open sound even when handheld
  • Cardioid polar pattern effectively rejects off-axis sound and noise
  • 5V phantom power required for operation (NOTE: This microphone is not compatible with a 48v phantom power supply)
  • Included microphone clip and storage pouch
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Maono AU-A03 Condenser Microphone Kit

Maono AU-A03 Condenser Microphone Kit Podcast Mic with Boom Arm Microphone Stand

  • Cardioid Pick-up Pattern: A cardioid pattern for less background noise. Please face to the side with Maono logo for a better use
  • Compatiable to Windows and Mac. For laptop and PC, you may need a Y adaptor(Included in package) if the device is only with 1 audio jack. If there are 2 audio jack, please use jack for mic
  • Sturdy boom arm set: With a pop filter and a foam windscreen, the condenser mic records your voice and the sound crystal clear, the shock mount holds the microphone steady with damping function
  • Plug and recording: This is an updated version which improves the mic power supply, connect the 3.5mm jack of your computer to the microphone with the included cable, you can start recording, but if you want better recording effect, you might need an extra phantom power (not included) some pc models
  • Packing list: Condenser mic, adjustable scissor arm mic arm, metal shock mount, pop filter, foam mic windscreen, table mounting clamp, XLR to 3.5mm cable and Y adapter
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Audio-Technica MB4k Handheld Condenser Microphone
A price/performance leader, the MB4k cardioid condenser microphone is the Midnight Blues Series' introductory studio-quality microphone. With a condenser design for studio vocal and instrument applications, the microphone features: battery/phantom operation; rugged all-metal construction; soft-touch finish; extended response for smooth, natural sonic characteristics; corrosion-resistant contacts from gold-plated XLRM-type connector; on/off switch.
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Behringer C-1 Studio Condenser Microphone
Medium-diaphragm Condenser Microphone with Cardioid Pickup Pattern, Transformerless FET Input, Phantom Power, and Swivel Stand Mount
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MXL 440 Condenser Microphone

Studio Condenser Microphone

The MXL 440 is a beautiful studio condenser microphone designed to complement a wide variety of vocal and instrument applications. By combining a FET preamp with an electrically-balanced output, the MXL 440 delivers an uncompromised tonal quality perfect for all studio applications.
  • Multipurpose large-diaphragm microphone
  • Great for vocals and a wide range of instruments
  • FET preamp with balanced output and low noise
  • Excellent sound for all studio applications
  • Great for recording R&B, pop, rock and country
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iCON M1 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Pack
The M1 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone from ICON Digital is designed for use in a variety of studio applications. It has a cardioid polar pattern, and features a gold-plated diaphragm. A shockmount, windscreen, bag, and carry case are included. ●  Professional Large-diaphragm condenser microphone for unsurpassed audio quality ●  Ideal as main and support microphone for most differing recording situations ●  Cardioid pickup pattern for outstanding sound source separation and feedback rejection ●  Pressure-gradient transducer with shock-mounted capsule ●  Prefect vocals and acoustic instruments ●  External 36-52 Volt phantom power operation ●  Heavy-duty suspension mount and aluminum transport case included ●  Ultra-rugged construction with metal die-cast body ●  High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long lift.
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Audio-Technica ATM10a Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone
  • Ideal for group vocals, strings, cymbal overheads, acoustic guitar and piano
  • Omni pattern provides maximum ambient pickup
  • Extremely smooth, extended response on- and off-axis
  • Low sensitivity to popping and overload
  • Operates on battery or phantom power
Element Fixed-charge back plate, permanently polarized condenser
Polar Pattern Omnidirectional
Frequency Response 20-18,000 Hz
Open Circuit Sensitivity PHANTOM: -44 dB (6.3 mV) re 1V at 1 Pa BATTERY: -45 dB (5.6 mV) re 1V at 1 Pa
Maximum Input Sound Level PHANTOM: 137 dB SPL, 1 kHz at 1% T.H.D. BATTERY: 123 dB SPL, 1 kHz at 1% T.H.D.
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Nady PCM-100 Classic Condenser Mic

Sterling acoustics and a retro vibe.

The Nady PCM-100 Classic Condenser Mic is perfect for broadcasting and stage vocal use. It is versatile in the studio, too. The Nady PCM-100 mic features a high-quality electret condenser element, cardioid polar pattern, and a smooth frequency response tailored for vivid vocal reproduction with a perfectly positioned presence peak. Switchable low-cut filter. Integral mic holder mount. Comes with foam-padded plastic carrying case. Requires phantom power.

  • Perfect for broadcasting and stage vocal use
  • Versatile in the studio
  • High-quality electret condenser element Cardioid polar pattern
  • Smooth frequency response with a presence peak tailored for vocals
A cool microphone at a righteous price. Order today.
Alctron TL39 Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic with Shockmount
Alctron TL39 is the ideal large diaphragm mic for all professional and semi-professional applications requiring the utmost in sound quality on a limited budget. By utilizing the tried and true transformer-less circuit, the TL39 features incredible low self-noise and the highest sound pressure level transmission. It has a cardioid pattern, is acoustically well-balanced and provides extraordinary attenuation of signals from the rear. Due to the universal cardioid pattern, straightforward handling, extremely low self-noise level, the TL39 predestined for all demanding applications from home recording to professional broadcasting and commercial recording studios.
  • Large diaphragm capsule maintains precise polar pattern definition across the full frequency range
  • High-SPL capability and extended frequency response
  • Ideal for vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, overheads and brass
  • Extremely musical high-fidelity performance, with profound realism and depth, presence and purity of sound
  • Supplied with shock mount for superior sonic isolation
  • High quality brass mesh avoids electromagnetic interference from outside
Specifications: Type: FET condenser microphone Polar Pattern: Cardioid Capsule: 34mm gold-plated large diaphragm Frequency Range: 20Hz-20kHz Sensitivity: -38dB±2dB Rated Impedance: 200Ω Rated Load Impedance: 1000Ω Max SPL: 126dB Connector: 3-pin XLR Power Requirement: 48V phantom power supply
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Behringer B-5 Condenser Microphone

Two Mic Capsules for Recording Flexibility

The Behringer B-5 medium diaphragm condenser mic packs a ton of value for home and project studios. You get a versatile studio mic with useful accessories not normally found at this price. Not only do you get a solid studio mic, the B-5 comes with two interchangeable capsules for cardioid and omnidirectional pickup patterns. That lets you choose the right pattern for your recording task, whether it's a room microphone for drum ambience or a close mic on an acoustic guitar. The B-5 also gives you a low-cut filter at 150Hz to give you control over the low-end response of your recordings. And thanks to the 10dB pad, you can use the B-5 on loud sound sources like drums and guitar amps. Behringer even gives you a mic stand adapter, windscreen, and aluminum storage case with the B-5. If you need versatility in a low-cost mic, you'll appreciate the Behringer B-5 condenser mic.
  • Versatile microphone at a low price is ideal for home and project studios
  • Low-cut filter lets you record without low-end rumble
  • Switchable 10dB pad allows you to record louder sound sources
  • Interchangeable capsules for cardioid and omni polar patterns, for recording flexibility
  • Aluminum storage case for easy transport and safe storage
  • Requires +48V phantom power
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iCON M5 Condenser Microphone Pack


  • Professional Large-diaphragm condenser microphone for unsurpassed audio quality
  • Ideal as main and support microphone for most differing recording situations
  • Cardioid pickup pattern for outstanding sound source separation and feedbackrejection
  • Pressure-gradient transducer with shock-mounted capsule
  • Prefect for vocals and acoustic instruments
  • External 36-52 Volt phantom power operation
  • Heavy-duty suspension mount and wooden transport case included
  • Ultra-rugged construction with metal die-cast body
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long lift.
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Samson C01 Condenser Microphone

One of the best values available in a quality recording mic!

The sturdy CO1 large diaphragm condenser microphone is probably one of the best values you'll find in a recording microphone. This is a great all-around studio recording mic, ideal for capturing vocals and instruments in the studio. It also makes an excellent overhead mic for recording drums. The 19mm diaphragm produces a smooth, flat frequency response. Features include a heavy guage mesh grill screen, a gold-plated XLR connector and a LED indicating 48V phantom power. The overall sound is accurate, detailed and smooth with warm bass and extended top end. Features:
  • Cardioid Pickup Pattern
  • Large 19mm Diaphragm
  • Heavy Gauge Mesh Grill
  • Gold Plated XLR Connector
  • LED Indicates 48V Phantom Power
  • Smooth, Flat Frequency Response
  • Swivel Stand Mount & Carrying case included
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Samson QL5 – Lavalier Condenser Microphone
The QL5 lavaliere microphone is an ideal choice for close body micing in presentation and video applications. The cardioid pick up pattern of the charged condenser element captures speech and vocals with great detail. The sturdy tie clip allows the microphone to be easily attached in position, secure, worry free and out of the way. A PM5 XLR adapter and windscreen are included in the QL5 ConcertLine package.
  • Great for presentation and video applications
  • Fixed charged condenser element
  • Enhanced cardioid pickup pattern
  • Sturdy tie clip securely attaches microphone out of sight
  • Carry Pouch and PM5 XLR adapter included
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Audio-Technica ATM31a Cardioid Condenser Microphone
  • Ideal for close-up vocals, overheads, piano and strings
  • Sound is similar to far more expensive studio microphones
  • Low-mass diaphragm ensures minimum distortion
  • Cardioid pattern provides added warmth when used close up
  • Operates on battery or phantom power
Element Fixed-charge back plate, permanently polarized condenser
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Frequency Response 30-20,000 Hz
Open Circuit Sensitivity PHANTOM: -44 dB (6.3 mV) re 1V at 1 Pa BATTERY: -45 dB (5.6 mV) re 1V at 1 Pa
Maximum Input Sound Level PHANTOM: 137 dB SPL, 1 kHz at 1% T.H.D. BATTERY: 123 dB SPL, 1 kHz at 1% T.H.D.
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Behringer BM1 Condenser Microphone

Gold-Sputtered Low-Mass Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone

The BM1 microphone is a recording enthusiast’s dream come true! These professional-quality condenser microphones are ultra-low noise designs – an excellent choice for any recording scenario – and rugged enough to go the distance with a heavy-duty suspension mount. Our BM1 microphone provides incredible high-quality performance at a price well within the reach of every budget!
  • Professional gold-sputtered low-mass diaphragm condenser microphone for unsurpassed audio quality
  • Ideal microphone for home studio, live streaming, gaming and recording applications
  • Cardioid pickup pattern for outstanding sound source separation
  • Pressure-gradient transducer with shock-mounted capsule
  • Extremely linear frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Ultra low noise transformer less FET input eliminates low frequency distortion
  • Rugged construction with metal die-cast body
  • Gold-plated 3-pin XLR output connector for highest signal integrity
  • Heavy-duty suspension mount and zipper case included
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Samson CL7a Condenser Microphone
The Samson CL7a is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone that delivers balanced, detailed sound from its custom tuned condenser capsule.
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Samson C03 Condenser Mic

With This Value, Shouldn't You Pick Up A Couple?

An incredibly flexible and great-sounding studio condenser microphone! Perfect for recording vocals, acoustic instruments, and more. At this price, wouldn't a pair be fantastic for stereo room miking and overheads? Features:
  • Switchable SuperCardioid, Omni and figure-8 pickup patterns
  • Dual 19mm capsule design
  • Switchable highpass filter and 10dB pad
  • Gold-plated XLR connectors
  • Carry Case & swivel mount included
  • Optional SP01 shock-mount available
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MXL 770 Recording Kit
The popular MXL 770 is a high quality multipurpose condenser mic that vocalists gravitate to for its solid low frequency response and clear high end. To achieve this MXL uses a high-quality FET pre-amp and transformerless balanced output for wide dynamic range and low noise. Features include a low frequency roll-off to reduce unwanted rumbling and a 10db pad to facilitate a wide variety of sound sources. The 770 comes with a shockmount to reduce mechanical vibrations and a rugged carrying case. The MXL 770 is a perfect combination of quality, flexibility, and value for both professional and home recording studios. - 20 mm gold-sputtered, 6-micron, low distortion diaphragm - FET preamp with balanced output - Switchable bass cut and -10 dB pad - Legendary MXL sonic characteristics - Comes with shock mount and rugged carrying case
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Behringer C-3 Dual-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

Dual-diaphragm Condenser

The Behringer C-3 dual-diaphragm condenser mic is an affordable, high-quality way to put medium-diaphragm condenser mojo in your mic locker. The medium-diaphragm condenser is a studio staple, the mic you reach for when you need to capture a lead vocal or the room sound of a raging guitar cab. The C-3 gives you the big sound, plus the bonus of being able to switch pickup patterns between cardioid, omnidirectional, and figure-eight. This gives you enormous flexibility (and used to cost a fortune) Thankfully, now you have it all - affordably - with Behringer's C-3.
  • Medium Dual-Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone
  • Professional medium dual-diaphragm condenser microphone for studio recording and live applications
  • Ideal as main and support microphone for studio and live applications
  • Selectable cardioid, omnidirectional and figure-eight pickup pattern
  • Pressure-gradient transducer with shock-mounted dual-diaphragm capsule
  • Perfect for acoustic instruments, overhead, piano, etc.
  • Exceptionally flat frequency response and ultra-high sound resolution
  • Ultra low-noise transformerless FET input eliminates low-frequency distortion
  • Rugged construction with metal die-cast body
  • Gold-plated 3-pin XLR connector for highest signal integrity
  • Swivel stand mount and transport case included
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • Requires +48V phantom power
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MXL 990 Recording Kit

Large diaphragm, little price.

The MXL 990 Condenser Microphone with shock mount has a silky, sweet high end while retaining tight, solid low and midrange reproduction. The 3/4" gold-sputtered diaphragm creates a professional sound suited for digital and analog recording. Attractive vintage body style with champagne finish. The 30Hz-20kHz frequency response is ideal for lead and background vocal, male or female. Includes custom shock mount, mic stand adapter, and case. Remember folks, this mic requires phantom power, so make sure your console or interface delivers it before ordering.

There are a bazillion studio vocal mics on the market that break the magical $100 barrier, a traditionally unheard of price point for a studio vocal mic. Once that price floor was demolished, however, the market became flooded with offerings in the $80 - $100 price range. MXL has emerged as a true leader in this market, and the MXL990 is MXL's flagship product in that category. If a well-built, good-sounding, versatile studio microphone for less than $100 sounds like a good fit for your current needs, you can't go wrong with the MXL990.
  • 3/4" gold-sputtered diaphragm
  • Attractive vintage body style with champagne finish
  • 30Hz-20kHz frequency response
  • 130dB maximum SPL
  • Sensitivity: 15MV/pa
  • Equivalent noise: 20dB (A-weighted)
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Audio-Technica AT2020 Condenser Microphone

Quality & Price In One Mic!

Stellar Audio-Technica performance - outstanding value! The AT2020 gives you classic Audio-Technica sound quality at an incredibly low price! Capture the subtleties and nuances of vocals and acoustic guitars, then take on screaming guitar amplifier cabinets - all with one mic. It's the Swiss Army knife of affordable condensers! At this incredible price, you can put together your own stereo mic pair! Perfectly suited for today's home and project studio, the AT2020 was designed to fit comfortably in your mix and your budget at the same time. The perfect "first microphone," we're sure the AT2020 will fit into your studio! Audio Technica AT2020 Features at a Glance:
  • The price/performance standard in side-address studio condenser microphone technology
  • Ideal for project/home-studio applications
  • High SPL handling and wide dynamic range provide unmatched versatility
  • Relatively low self-noise - perfectly suited for sophisticated digital recording equipment
  • Custom-engineered low-mass diaphragm provides extended frequency response and superior transient response
  • Cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear, improving isolation of desired sound source
  • Pivoting, threaded stand mount attaches securely for easy and precise placement of the microphone
  • Requires +48V phantom power
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Samson CL8a Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone
The Samson CL8a is a large-diaphragm, multi-pattern condenser microphone that delivers balanced, detailed sound from its custom tuned condenser capsule, rock-solid construction, and exceptional electronics; it is sure to become the “go-to” mic in your home, project, or professional studio.
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Made in Australia
RODE M3 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Another cost-effective winner from RODE!

Stylish and modern, the M3 represents RODE's outstanding microphone technology and their continuation of bang-for-the-buck thinking. Built for studio, stage, and location work, the M3 is made from only the finest components, and delivers the sonic results demanded by engineers and musicians alike - and at a price that makes the M3 attainable by anyone. A permanently polarized condenser microphone, the M3 can be powered via its internal battery or by external phantom power. Its low self-noise, high fidelity performance, and value pricing make the M3 hard to beat. Great for both studio and location work Stylish and modern, the M3 is a studio and location workhorse. With both 48V phantom and internal 9V battery operation, this RODE is at home anywhere. Permanently polarized condenser design with ultra-low noise The versatile M3 can be handheld or stand mounted microphone depending on your needs. It incorporates a true permanently polarized condenser (cardioid polar response) transducer with an ultra-low noise electronic circuit that has a high immunity to R.F. interference. An end address condenser microphone, the M3 features a heavy-duty metal body, category leading low self-noise, three stage pad(0, 10dB, 20dB), a battery status LED, and a highpass filter. Sturdy and versatile for your toughest gigs! The RODE M3 incorporates a rugged welded and heat-treated mesh head and all metal body. An internal capsule shock mounting system keeps handling noise down. The M3 also comes complete with windshield and a stand mount.
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