IRIN 37 Keys Melodica
  • Piano-style melodica with 37 keys, easy to play.
  • Exquisite workmanship, clear and nice sound
  • With 2 mouthpieces(short & long) for multiple playing ways.
  • Comes with a bag for easy carrying and storing.
  • Colors: Red, Blue & Black
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BEE BM-37K Melodica with Travel Case
Bee BM-37K 37 Key Stainless Steel Base Melodica
  • Bee portable melodica is suitable for teaching or beginning to play piano, which is easy to play and learn, Especially perfect for kids to develop music talent
  • Bee Melodica used phosphor bronze reed and copper base inside which ensure standard tone and flexible buttons when you play.
  • The body is made of food-grade ABS engineering resin which ensure the safety for your use
  • With Carry case, Blow pipe, Mouth piece & Instructions manual
  • Available in various other colors
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Hohner 32B Instructor Melodica

An easy-to-learn instrument with its own captivating sound!

Providing the maximum range of emotion and expression, and incredibly easy to play, The 32B Instructor Melodica with its smooth, responsive 32-key piano keyboard is one of the most widespread and easiest ways to articulate melodies and harmonies. Rhythm and dynamics are directly controlled by your breath, naturally ebbing and flowing right through you. You get sounds like a harmonica on single notes or like an accordion when chorded. Piano keys cover the alto and soprano range from F3 to C6.
  • 32 piano keys
  • Alto and soprano range (F3 to C6)
  • Padded zippered case
  • Mouth piece
  • Extension hose
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Suzuki Study32 Alto Melodica Melodion
The all new Study-32 with its hard wearing instrument gig-case is the perfect Students Melodion. Lightweight and easy to play the Study-32 is perfect for both solo and ensemble use. Included Accessories:
  • Tough colorful carry case in Sky Blue
  • Extension tube
  • Standard Mouthpiece
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Suzuki MX-32C Alto Melodion
The lightweight melodion by Suzuki's own design and it reduces the burden while playing. This model is a best-seller born from the insatiable pursuit of educational instruments. Specifications:
Keyboard Alto 32keys f-c3
Material Cover : ABS Reed : Phosphor Bronze
Measure Body : 420 x 100 x 45mm Case : 470 x 175 x 60mm
Weight Body : 565g Case : 506g
Accessory Short mouthpiece (MP-121) Flexible mouthpiece(MP-113) Case (MP-217)
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Suzuki M37 Semi Pro Alto Melodion Melodica
The new Semi Pro M-37C Alto Melodion has exceptional sound and range at a reasonable price. Featuring phosphor bronze reeds, all aluminum covers and full 37 note range. A great choice for the serious Melodion hobbyist and performer. Included Accessories:
  • Standard Mouthpiece
  • Trumpet Style Mouthpiece
  • Flexible Tube Mouthpiece
  • Soft Gig Bag with Handles
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