Tenor Saxophone with Case
  • Key: Bb
  • Custom style octave key
  • New 62 style neck: a slightly narrower bore provides faster response and greater control, allowing a comfortable flow of air so that every player can attain a solid tonal core
  • Integrated key posts: integrating the multiple key posts into a single plate makes the horn blow with moderate resistance, while delivering a solid core with deep tone colour
  • Two-piece bell: more elaborate with finer detail, a new design offers delicate beauty
  • Improved low B-C# connection: an improved mechanism from low B-C# connection ensures the consistent closing of the low B-C# key and promotes a clear response from notes in the low range of the instrument
  • Neck: new 62 style neck design based on the Custom E1 and a professional style neck receiver increases togetherness of neck and body offering richer tones
  • Polyester key buttons, high F# and front F auxiliary keys. Refined keywork shape
  • Adjustable thumb hook and tilting-style low Bb key
  • Ribbed and flanged post mounting, acoustically annealed body
  • Hard steel needle springs: hard steel provides a faster, more sensitive key response
  • Gold lacquer finish
  • Case: semi-hard lightweight backpackableĀ case offers a contemporary look and greater ease of transport
  • Accessory kit includes mouthpiece, ligature and cap, external polishing cloth, neck strap and gloves
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Bridge Pins
High Quality ABS Bridge Pins Available in Black/White, Doted/non-Dated
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Nylon Grip Plectrum 0.7
High quality nylon grip plectrums with ultra fine smooth edges & 1.5 mm thick sand texture grip.
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Anti-Slip Grip Plectrums 1.4
These jazz sized picks feature a non-slip surface design, and very comfortable. A controlled tone is achieved by the defined string contact point. Excellent toughness, and high tensile, these are the perfect picks for lovers of jazz picks.
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RCA Mono to TS 6.35mm Adapter
Standard Audio Adapter RCA Mono to TS 6.35mm (1/4") Adapter
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RCA Stereo Jointer
Standard Audio Adapter RCA to RCA Stereo Jointer Adapter
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Violin Tuning Peg
High Quality Fiber Ebony Material For All Violin Size
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3.5mm Aux Cable Male-Male
High Quality Noiseless Balanced Auxiliary Cable. Size 1 meter. Available in 2 meter & 3 meter size.
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3.5mm Aux to 6.35mm TRS Converter
  • Use Your Standard 3.5mm Headphones, Headsets or Handsfree with Professional Audio Products & Musical Instruments
  • High Quality Steel Construction with Stereo Balanced Connection
  • Recommended use with USB Audio Interfaces, Guitar Amplifiers, Keyboards & Piano, Any Instrument with 6.35mm Headphones Output
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Snare Wire Ribbon Strip
  • Nylon strip that hold snare wires securely so your snare cuts through the mix
  • Strips work perfectly on most snares for superior sound and performance
  • Pack of (1)
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Violin Fine Tuner
High Quality Stainless Steel Finer Tuner for any Violin size
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Violin Muter (Rubber Round Shape)
Violin Muter (Rubber Round Shape) for all size violins.
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Headphones Aux Splitter Adapter
Standard Audio Adapter Stereo headphones splitter for 3.5mm AUX TRS outputs.
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Aux – RCA Audio Cable
Aux - RCA Audio Cable 1 meter
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Aux-RCA Converter Adapter
Standard Audio Adapter Aux 3.5mm to RCA Converter Adapter
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Strap Lock Screw
Strap Lock Screw High Quality SS Material. Available in Silver & Gold color.
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Violin Bridge Maple Wood
Violin Bridge High Quality Maple Wood
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Lapel Microphone Clip
Replacement Lapel Microphone Clip
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Microfiber Guitar Cleaning and Polishing Cloth
Microfiber is a revolutionary material containing 90,000 microfibers per square inch. These fibers remove dirt & grime from surfaces. It super soft, lint free construction is the best way to clean your equipment. Non-hemmed edge to avoid scratching your prized instrument.
  • Available in Random Colors
  • Package contains 1x Microfiber cloth
  • 12 x 24 Inches (approx. size)
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Electric Guitar Bridge Spring
High Quality Stainless Steel Bridge Spring Fits most Fender Strat or Ibanez RG Series Electric Guitars
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RCA to Mono TS 6.35mm Adapter
Standard Audio Adapter RCA Stereo to Mono TS 6.35mm Adapter
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3.5mm Headphone Aux Splitter Cable
3.5mm Headphone Aux Splitter Cable
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6.35mm Female TRS to 3.5mm Aux Converter
High Quality Steel Construction with Balanced Stereo Connection
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Acoustic Guitar Strap Capo
A strap type acoustic guitar capo. Simply rap this around the neck of a guitar. There are suitable adjustment points for different size necks and a padded foam connection plate, so as not to damage the guitar.
  • Acoustic Guitar Capo
  • Easy to use Strap Type
  • Adjustable for Different Necks
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Pick Holder – Hold up to 8 Plectrums

Never Loose Plectrums Anymore!

A unique little accessory for the guitarist. You can secure it to the body of your guitar with strong but safe adhesive or to your gig bag or just use it as a handy way of storing your plectrums. It is designed to hold up to 8 plectrums at one time, and is for quick and easy access to your selection of picks whilst performing. It works well for songs that incorporate and alternate between fingerpicking and strumming!
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Shotgun & DSLR Mic Windscreen Foam
Windscreen Foam for standard DSLR or Shotgun Microphones Max mic length: 5 CM
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Dynamic Microphone Holder
Standard Dynamic Microphone Holder Clip Universal compatibility with any microphone stand
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RCA Mono to Stereo RCA Adapter
Standard Audio Adapter RCA Mono to RCA Stereo
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RCA to Stereo TRS 6.35mm Adapter
Standard Audio Adapter RCA Stereo to Stereo TRS 6.35mm Adapter
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Drum Wingnut Screw 6mm
High Grade Stainless Steel Drum Wing-nut Screw 6mm
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Guitar End Pin
Guitar end pin for classic style bracing installation Available in both Plain or Dotted
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Violin End Pin
Standard violin end pin - Ebony wooden
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Guitar Strap Plain Black
Nylon Guitar Strap for 38 Inches or Smaller Guitars
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Handheld Dynamic Microphone Windscreen
  • Greatly reduces occurrences of popping and wind noise
  • Fits many popular handheld microphones
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RCA Audio Cable with OFC Shielding
RCA-RCA Audio Cable with OFC Shielding 1 meter
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Guitar Finger Board Tags
Guitar finger board assist tag notes.
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Neck Strap for Ukulele
Neck strap for all size ukulele.
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Universal Microphone Holder Clip
  • Universal microphone holder clip for any dynamic, pencil or instrument microphone
  • Spring grip for any type of dynamic/pencil/instrument microphone body
  • Universal mount for any boom, tripod or table stand
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Drum Wingnut Screw 8mm
High Grade Stainless Steel Drum Wing-nut Screw 8mm
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Guitar/Ukulele Strap Nylon Black
High Quality Nylon Guitar Strap Recommended for Ukulele or Acoustic/Electric Guitars
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