Alice AJ05 Banjo Strings Set

Alice AJ05 5-String Banjo Strings Set Plated Steel Coated Copper Alloy Wound

Metal strings set for banjo, 5pcs/set. The D & B & G strings are plated steel material. The C string is steel core with coated copper alloy winding. Durable and sturdy, providing you with clear and bright sound. Great replacement for old strings of your banjo. Specifications: Model: AJ04/ AJ05(optional) Material: Steel + Coated Copper Alloy Winding Note/Inch/MM:A/.009/0.23; D/.016/0.41; G/.023/0.58; C/.030/0.76 (AJ04) D/.009/0.23; B/.011/0.28; G/.013/0.33; C/.020/0.51; G/.009/0.23 (AJ05) Package size: 11.5 * 11 * 0.3cm / 4.5 * 4.3 * 0.1in Package weight: 17g / 0.6oz
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Made in USA
D’Addario EJ57 5-String Banjo Strings


Custom Medium Set EJ57
EJ57 is a medium gauge string set for 5-string banjo, utilizing high carbon, tin-plated steel wire with a nickel-plated steel wound string.
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Made in USA
D’Addario EJ73 Mandolin Strings


Light Set EJ73
EJ73 is a light gauge set of Phosphor Bronze mandolin strings. Since D'Addario introduced Phosphor Bronze guitar strings in 1974, they have been synonymous with warm and well-balanced acoustic tone.
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IRIN High Quality Mandolin
IRIN Mandolin Sporting a gorgeous finish, the IRIN Mandolin is a well-built, traditional A-model mandolin. It features clean workmanship throughout and projects a bright tone with lots of bark. With an easy-to-play neck and adjustable bridge, the IRIN Mandolin is perfect for beginners who wish to play bluegrass or any other style of music. Finishing touches include chrome tuners and nickel-plated frets.
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IRIN High Quality Banjo
The IRIN banjo features a Nato resonator and neck. A chrome-plated armrest makes playing comfortable, and the geared chrome tuners will keep you in tune. A genuine Remo head completes the package, making this banjo an amazing value.
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