BM800 Condenser Mic USB-XLR

PKR 5,500

  • The microphone is designed to plug & play. You don’t have to install any software or complex settings. Just connect to your Mac or Windows computers and start your first podcasting. (Notice: Not compatible with Xbox and Cellphone ends)
  • There’s professional sound chipset preset inside. With the soundproof cotton, your voice will appear to be as actual and clear as your real voice. It has cut off most unnecessary noise and returned the most actual sound for you.
  • The whole equipment in the image are available including: a). Condenser Microphone + b). Shock Mount + d). e). Windscreen Foam + g). USB Sound Card. +h). XLR-3.5mm Cable
  • Mic Supports Both XLR use & USB Sound Card (Included)