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Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom Gold Top with Case (Used)


The Les Paul Classic Custom is a take on the original Les Paul Custom designed. Like the “Tuxedo” Les Paul Custom of the ’50s, the Classic Custom features multi-layer binding, block inlays, and the Les Paul Custom headstock logo. Due in part to wood sourcing problems faced by Gibson, this guitar uses a “Baked Maple” fingerboard for which Gibson processes Maple in a kiln to give it a darker color and properties closer to Rosewood or Ebony. There was actually an earlier guitar called the Les Paul Classic Custom that was like the Les Paul Classic (with two uncovered humbuckers) but used styling more in-line with the black Les Paul Custom.

Body Style: Single cutaway solidbody

Years of Production: 2011 – 2013

Wood Composition: Mahogany body, Maple top, Mahogany neck, Baked Maple fingerboard

Original pictures are attached for reference

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