Zoom B9.1ut Bass Multi-Effects Pedal/USB Interface (Used)

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Zoom B9.1ut Bass Multi-Effects Pedal with USB Interface

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Richer colors and deeper tones with the warmth of a tube and convenience of USB.

The Zoom B9.1ut bass effects console combines the most technically advanced audio engine with the warmth of a classic 12AU7 tube to produce the richest tones imaginable. Its ultra-fast ZFX-3 processor means all the world’s most famous amplifiers, cabinets and effects are modeled with stunning accuracy. For the discerning bassist, the B9.1ut represents an impressive and powerful solution for creating rich, detailed bass tone.

96 kHz Sampling Provides High-Resolution for Sonic Accuracy
Delivering high-resolution, 96kHz sampling processing with 24-bit A-to-D and D-to-A conversion, the B9.1ut rivals the processing equipment found in the finest studios. This means that the wide pitch, timbre and dynamic ranges created by modern bass styles are handled without degradation, ensuring clear, transparent sound.

Advanced ZFX-3 Audio Engine
The outstanding performance of the B9.1ut is made possible by its ultra-fast, 32-bit, ZFX-3 engine. This highly sophisticated processor means that every nuance of your performance is delivered as you imagine it, because the power of this processor reproduces every possible amp model and effect with true clarity.

Accelerator Features 12AU7 Tube
Combining the raw processing power of the ZFX-3 with the 12AU7 tube accelerator produces richer harmonics and organic tone. By adjusting the mix balance, the thick characteristics of the 12AU7 tube and the striking clarity of the ZXF-3 can be adjusted so that saturation is natural and focused.

The World of Bass at Your Feet
With the world’s most famous bass amplifiers and stomp boxes at your disposal, you have all the low end drive and sonic transparency of timeless classics. From Ampeg, Fender, and Marshall as well as more recent models such as Hartke, SWR, and Aguilar, a whole world of bass tone comes complete on the B9.1ut.


Ultra-fast 32-bit DSP ZFX-3 processor on-board
96kHz sampling rate / 24-bit A/D/D/A converters for accurate bass models
USB interface for connecting directly to a computer
3D Z-Pedal allows for multi-dimensional parameter control
World’s fastest patch change speed: 7 ms
One 12AU7 tube for natural overdrive/compression and drive/volume
112 effects specially tuned for bass
80 preset artist patches + 80 user patches
Built-in Zoom Noise Reduction
Versatile bass synthesizer on-board with filtering and waveform control
Stereo XLR output for stage or studio
Built-in MIDI interface
External send/return loop on-board
Sturdy metal chassis for roadworthy durability
Signal-to-noise ratio of 120 dB and noise floor of -100 dB

Included Accessories

AC adapter
USB Data Cable