Randall Kirk Hammett KH15 (Used)

Kirk Hammett's Tone in a Great-sounding, Affordable Practice Amp!

The Randall KH15 Kirk Hammett 15-watt practice amp gives you a lot of tone in a compact combo package! Perfect for backstage practice or bedroom shredding, the KH15 delivers the goods. It includes a Hammett Clean channel and Hammett Overdrive channel (with boost), as well as black cloth front, headphone jack, and a Tape/CD input for jamming along with your favorite tunes. Bass, Middle, Treble, and Volume controls are onboard the solid-state KH15, which pumps its wattage through a 6.5" speaker.
  • 15W RMS
  • 2-channel (Hammett Clean and Hammett Overdrive with boost)
  • Bass, Middle, Treble, and Volume controls
  • Tape/CD input
  • Headphone out
  • 6.5" Randall Jaguar speaker
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