Double Bass Drum Pedal
High Quality Double Bass Drum Pedal
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Drum Kingdom Dual Chain Double Bass Pedal
High Quality SS Material Solid Construction Dual Chain
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Double Bass Pedal Dual Chain HD
Heavy Duty Dual Chain Twin Bass Drum Pedal
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Mapex P400TW Double Bass Pedal
Mapex 400 Series P400TW Double Bass Drum Pedal
  • The single-chain drive mechanism provides extended durability compared to most beginner pedals.
  • Mapex Storm Single Chain Double Bass Drum Pedal
  • The double pedal single-chain drive mechanism provides extended durability compared to most beginner pedals.
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Mapex P500TW Double Bass Pedal
The Mapex P500TW double bass drum pedal is made of solid steel components and is engineered to be reliable, durable and most importantly playable. Adjustments are made quickly and easily, keeping you going during gigs night after night. So when it time to get a new one, get one you can rely on, Mapex.
  • Single-chain drives
  • Fully adjustable spring tensions
  • Duo-tone felt/ABS plastic beaters
  • Footboards with compact stabilizing radius rods
  • Independent universal linkage adjustment
  • Retractable floor spikes
  • Solid steel components
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Mapex Mars Series P600TW Double Bass Pedal
Mars Hardware features lightweight yet highly functional stands and simple but sturdy pedals that will serve the needs of gigging drummers needing to lighten their load or younger players looking to make a major upgrade. Mars Hardware comes in either chrome or black-plated finish to the style of any player.
  • The double chain creates a more solid feel and great durability.
  • Newly designed high speed footboard
  • Falcon Beaters (no weights)
  • Retractable Floor Spikes
  • Solid Setting Base plate
  • Extended Footboard Length
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Mapex Armory Series P800TW Double Bass Pedal
This Armory Series Double Kick Pedal offers lighting-fast speed and rock solid stability. With features like the torque-free spring system, an extended foot board and the Falcon-style reversible beater with interchangeable weight, every Armory pedal is a giant step up in speed.
  • Dual chain-drive action
  • Torque-free spring system
  • Extended foot board
  • Falcon beater with interchangeable weights
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