Teyun A6 6-Channel Professional Portable Mixer with USB Interface

PKR 26,000

All-in-One Portable Mixing Solution

Teyun A6 is an analog mixer combined with a digital sound card, with 6 channels, personalized function settings, and convenient console design. A different tuning experience. The mixer is equipped with input gain and high-bass adjustment, high-pass filter, built-in 48V phantom power for direct power supply of condenser microphones, high-fidelity headphone output port, audio input port, network data transmission live port, MP3 playback, Bluetooth reception , USB2.0 PC interface, 24 kinds of DSP effects. The mixer is compact and lightweight, and can be directly connected to the USB port of a PC for power supply. No additional power is required. It can be powered by a USB connection to a computer and run without the trouble of using an external adapter. You can also use a mobile power supply or USB AC/ A DC adapter powers it. It can also be powered by a power bank or a USB AC/DC adapter.

  • 4-channel signal input and 1-channel stereo signal input
  • 1 main channel output
  • 1 independent recording output and monitoring port
  • Low-noise, high-precision microphone preamplifier for perfect sound quality
  • Balanced XLR input and balanced line TRS input, 2-band channel EQ
  • 48V phantom power supply
  • Headphone monitoring out
  • LED control display
  • MP3 player module (USB interface)
  • Universal switching power adapter (AC100-240V)
  • Condenser microphone 3.5MM (3V)