Zoom R16 16-track SD Recorder / Interface / Controller

PKR 74,500

Gives You 3 for 1: Recorder, Interface, and Control Surface

With Zoom’s R16 in tow, you’ve got a full mobile recording and studio recording solution! This affordable and portable device lets you record the whole band at once, thanks to its 16-track recording system with eight XLR microphone inputs. You’ve got your choice of recording straight to SD cards (up to huge 32GB SDHC cards!) — perfect for mobile recording. Or, you can connect the R16 to your computer via USB and use it as an audio interface to record to your DAW — very cool. But there’s way more packed into the Zoom R16.

With the way-portable Zoom R16, you’ll be ready to capture band practice, lessons, moments of inspiration, all-out gigs — whatever you want. Not only does this 16-track recorder give you eight XLR/line inputs, so you can plug in your own gear and get to recording — the R16 also features built-in stereo condenser microphones. All you have to do is press record, and you’ll be capturing great-sounding audio (up to 24-bit/44.1kHz), straight to SD cards. And don’t worry about running out of space: the Zoom R16 supports SDHC cards up to a whopping 32GB.

Want to connect your Zoom R16 to your computer? Use the USB connector in a couple of handy ways! First, you can connect it up to your computer and use it as a standard USB storage device, so you can quickly transfer your SD-recorded tracks straight to your computer for mixdown, archiving, e-mailing, or posting online. But the R16 also doubles as a USB audio interface — how cool is that? Just load up your favorite DAW and you can record eight tracks at time, using the R16’s onboard inputs.

Once you’ve recorded the tracks, the R16 also gives you everything you need to polish them up — whether you’re at your computer or out on the road. For starters, the R16 features over 100 built-in studio effects plus amazing guitar amplifier and effects models. You can shine up your tracks with reverb, delay, distortion — whatever sounds right for the mix. Plus, it’s loaded with professional-grade mastering effects, so you can finalize your songs for publishing. Even slicker, though, when you have the R16 connected to your computer, you can use it as a hands-on control surface. The R16 uses Mackie’s control emulation, which works with popular DAW software — including Cubase, Logic, Digital Performer, and more. You’ll have the real mixing experience of riding faders, so you can get levels just where you want them.

If you’re ready to get serious about recording, the R16 gives you the whole package: a USB audio interface, a hands-on control surface, and an included software package. It comes with Cubase LE DAW software for immediately getting to work laying down your ideas and building them into professional tracks.

  • Gives you everything you need for on-the-go 16-track SD recording (8 tracks simultaneously)
  • Built-in stereo condenser microphones for a one-button recording solution
  • USB connectivity for file transfer or for straight-to-computer recording
  • Eight XLR microphone inputs, so you can record an entire band
  • Tons of built-in effects and guitar amp/effects models for polishing tracks
  • Doubles as a hands-on control surface, so you can mix down tracks
  • Comes with Steinberg Cubase LE software so you can start right away