Samson AirLine 77 HM40 Wind Instrument Wireless

PKR 55,000

Samson Airline 77 UHF Wireless systems are an unbeatable combination. Samson Concert 77 UHF True Diversity half-rack receivers matched up with Samson’s incredible Airline Series mini transmitters give you ‘belt-pack-free’ mobility at an affordable price. Ultra-light, ultra-compact, and incredibly efficient, Airline Series transmitters provide flawless wireless performance for 12 hours on a single AAA battery.

For 2 decades Samson has led the world in wireless technology for musicians. Their philosophy: Make cutting-edge technology available to everyone. No system has ever done it like this before: the revolutionary Airline Wireless Systems — with no belt packs — at prices everyone can afford.

CR77 Receiver

The heart of Airline 77 is the CR77 Receiver. This true-diversity half-rack unit with PLL frequency control works with all of the Airline transmitters. Rugged, durable and crystal clear with incredible range. UHF (Ultra High Frequency) means clearer frequencies with less interference.

AH1 Wind Instrument Transmitter

Brass, woodwind, any kind of instrument can go completely wireless now with Airline 77. When you still have a wire running from your horn to your belt pack, you might as well not be wireless. Not a problem with Airline wireless systems. The whole system clips onto your horn, no more wires. A stellar performer, the Samson/ AMT system provides recording-studio quality audio.


HM40 Microphone

This mini condenser is designed only for horns, rich and clear, focused, with the ability to handle serious SPL.


HM40 Features:

– Designed only for wind instruments
– High output miniature condenser microphone element
– Cardioid pickup pattern
– Sturdy clip and flexible goose neck
– Excellent for live performance and recording