Ernie Ball 2088 Paradigm 80/20 Bronze

PKR 6,500

Go on, Try to Break Them

Ernie Ball Paradigm acoustic guitar strings are amazingly resistant to rust and breakage — and whether you earn a living with your guitar or not, that’s a big deal. These 80/20 bronze strings deliver vivid tone along with advanced engineering that can withstand aggressive players. And even if you travel with your guitar often or live in a salty-aired coastal region, Paradigm strings will stay rust-free for a very long time.

Delightfully bright tone from 80/20 bronze windings

If you want the clarity and sparkle that 80/20 bronze strings provide, these are the Ernie Ball Paradigm strings you need for your acoustic. This is a Light set with 0.011–0.052-gauge strings. Put them on your favorite guitar, and enjoy the fact that you won’t need to replace them for a very long time.

Pro Tip: use an eco-friendly string cleaner to keep grime off these long-lasting strings!

  • Rust- and break-resistant strings for acoustic guitar
  • 80/20 bronze winding delivers detailed, sparkling tone
  • Light set, 0.011–0.052
  • Perfect for aggressive players and frequent travelers
  • Ideal for coastal areas with salty air that can cause premature rusting