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Behringer P16-MB Mounting Bracket for PowerPlay P16-M

PKR 16,000

Put Your Powerplay Mixer in Reach!

Behringer’s rugged, super-stable Powerplay 16 P16-MB stand mount puts your Powerplay P16-1 personal mixer where you need it most: within easy reach. To get the most out of your mini mixer and dial in the most comfortable monitoring experience possible (and get the best performances possible), you need to be able to access your mix easily and on the fly. That’s why the P16-MB mount is so important to have. It mounts securely to microphone stands, music stands, and even drum and cymbal stands, so every member of the band or ensemble can benefit from the purpose-built P16-MB mount.

Behringer Powerplay 16 P16-MB Stand Mount for Powerplay P16-M Personal Mixer Features:

  • Securely mounts your Powerplay 16-M personal mixer to a music, mic, or drum stand
  • Rugged construction, for ultra-stable performance
  • High-quality components

Behringer’s Powerplay 16 P16-MB stand mount puts your Powerplay P16-M personal mixer right where you need it – and keeps it there!