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Aston Microphones Element Active Dynamic Microphone

PKR 65,000

Active Moving-coil Microphone, with Shock Mount and Magnetic Pop Filter

The World’s First Crowdsourced Microphone

Aston Microphones leveraged the ears of over 2,000 musicians, engineers, and producers to fine-tune the sound of the Element active moving-coil microphone. This large sample size generated over 36,000 data points that Aston used to create a microphone that stands out even among legendary studio mics. Aston even built its innovative mic capsule from the ground up, distinct from condenser, dynamic, and ribbon microphone elements, and the result is a full, wide-ranging response with impeccable transient detail. The people spoke, Aston Microphones listened — the Element active moving-coil microphone is the sonically proficient result.

A voice shaped by the people

The Element Project was the first of its kind — hold a voting session among musicians, engineers, and producers, fine-tuning a microphone’s voicing until the majority was impressed. Aston spent over 18 months developing the Element, with 15 months dedicated to the Ridyon capsule design, and three months putting the Element through its paces with input from the recording community.

Active moving coil is the first of its kind

Aston Microphones explains the Element’s Ridyon capsule technology is completely unique, distinct from condenser, dynamic, and ribbon mic capsules. It actually combines the best elements from all three mic classes to create something completely new. The sound of the Element boasts the sensitivity of a condenser, the low-end punch of a dynamic, and the smooth, natural sound of a ribbon. As an active microphone, it does require phantom power, the presence of which is indicated by Element’s purple badge. Engineers at Sweetwater are impressed with Element’s full sound and fast transient response, delivering a vibrant sound that’s perfect for lead vocals.

Aston Microphones Element Active Moving-coil Microphone Features:

  • Result of a voting process with over 2,000 musicians, engineers, and producers
  • Unique active moving-coil capsule is distinct from condenser, dynamic, and ribbon capsule designs
  • Side address, cardioid polar pattern
  • Extended bass and fast transient response for a full, detailed sound
  • Perfect for home studio use, rugged enough to use on stage
  • Includes microphone, proprietary shock mount, and magnetic pop filter
  • Requires phantom power for operation