Aroma ARG-05 Guitar Wireless System

PKR 18,000

  • Compact and versatile wireless system
  • Rechargeable 3.7V Lithium batteries mean no expensive replacements
  • Separate colored transmitter and receiver keeps things simple
  • Handy carry pouch allows you to keep the system in good condition
  • 4 Channels so you’re ready for any situation
  • Includes 5V USB cable for charging via mobile charger or portable power bank
  • 120 degree rotatable head for fitting a wide variety of instruments

The Aroma ARG-05 5.8G Wireless Audio Transmission System is designed to take the pain out of live performances by freeing you from the limitations of traditional cables. It works wonders in the practice room or at home, allowing you to connect to your amplifier or pedalboard without anything tying you up.


The strong signal from the 5.8G wireless transmission gives you a range up to and over 35 meters, far further than any instrument cable and with a delay time of less than 5.6ms, you can rest assured you stay in time with the rest of the band no matter how far you stray from your rig.


The transmitter has a sleek design for a smooth and comfortable feel with a bronze connector to ensure optimum signal transfer. The head is rotatable by 120 degrees so it’s flexible enough for all types of inputs and a variety of instruments.


With automatic pairing, you’re always ready to rock and the 4 channel options mean you’re ready for any on-stage situation you encounter. Rechargeable 3.7V Lithium batteries take the pain out of buying replacements and the 5V USB cable allows you to get a full charge from your computer or mobile phone charger in less than 2 hours, giving you 4 hours of continuous usage.

Manufacturer Aroma
Model ARG-05 5.8G Wireless Audio Transmission System
Transmission Power 7dBm
Receiver Sensitivity -81dBm
Signal Noise Ratio 140dB
Sound Quality 24 bit / 48KHz
Distortion -100dB
Net Weight 37g
Dimensions 83 x 35 x 28mm
Package Contents Transmitter (black)
Receiver (white)
USB Cable
Portable cloth case