Wambooka Drum Mute Gel Pad
A patented formula keeps Wambooka Drum Gel Pad Muter super sticky; they hold on tight to drum heads, cymbals, and other percussion accessories. Once a pad has had a considerable amount of use rinse it under water to amp up stickiness again. Recommended for Wambooka by Diamond or any Synthetic Skin Drum Pad size: 3" x 2.6"
Wambooka Diamond Clear Darbuka Dry-Wet Hand Drum
The Wambooka is a member of the darbuka, doumbek family. There are a couple of things that give the Wambooka unique qualities. First off the shell is a transparent synthetic material. This shell is designed to be able to be compressed slightly adding rhythmic pitch variations to the performance. The Transparent synthetic head is hex wrenched tuned. The tuning machines used in the Wambooka will allow for a wide range of tuning options and once the player has found a desired pitch it will stay in tune. The nature of synthetic shells and heads is that they stay in tune and resonate in any environmental conditions. The most unique quality of the Wambooka is that it has been designed to be played with water inside the shell. This opens the doors to a whole new range of tonal rhythms achieved by manipulating the fluid, shell and head during performance. See and hear the diverse range of voicing the Wambooka can achieve by clicking the "watch/listen" tab above. Synthetic shell and head with great tonal resonance
  • Designed in Italy
  • Made from a single piece of poly-carbonate
  • Can be played wet or dry
  • Carrying Gig Bag Included
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