Starway Drum Stick Depot
  • Large capacity to meet the needs of any drummer which can accommodate many pairs of 5A or 7A standard drum sticks.
  • Clamp On Design
  • Easy to Clean
  • Stain Resistant
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Starway Jazz Series Drums Set with Cymbals & Throne

5-piece Drum Kit with Cymbals and Hardware

Born out of white poplar shell construction and specially configured to starting players and their tastes, this is a quality all-in-one drum kit that kids and creatives of all ages will love spending time behind. Responsive 5-ply shells with bearing edges strike the perfect balance of head and shell response for the power and sustain to drive an ensemble. High-grade shell hardware, including adjustable spurs and clamp-style tom holders, and your choice of two texture wrapped or sparkle finishes crown each shell. Standard cymbals and a real-deal, hardware package — perfect for any age group or physical size — complete the set. Toms: 12"- 13", Snare 14", Floor Tom 16", Kick Bass 22" Hi-hat 14", Crash Cymbal 16", Drum Throne Fully adjustable hardware pack:
  • Chain-drive bass pedal with adjustable tension springs and round felt beater
  • Tripod hi-hat stand with matching black foot plate
  • Snare stand with height and angle adjustments
  • Straight cymbal stand with geared tilter
  • Cushioned drum throne with non-slip rubber feet and locking height mechanism
Available in Wine Red Texture or Blue Sparkle