Sontronics Podcast Pro

Engineering Excellence

Don’t be fooled by the extremely reasonable price point - broadcast quality audio is absolutely on offer here. A focused supercardioid polar pattern ensures that your voice remains front and centre, capturing the nuances of the spoken word, while impressive side rejection prevents unwanted sound from bleeding in via the sources around you. You don’t even need a pop shield to go with it. Plosives, sibilance and distortion are all prevented thanks to an innovative marriage of smart internal projection and an onboard, fine-mesh pop filter. EQ is no longer an essential requirement either; the PODCAST PRO sounds excellent right out of the box, with no processing required whatsoever. Features
  • Suitable for podcasts, voice-overs, streaming/gaming, broadcasting, radio, YouTube & recording instruments/vocals. Unrivalled audio versatility!
  • Compatible with all kinds of floor-mounted, desktop or boom-arm microphone stands.
  • Simple to position and set up.
  • Broadcast quality sound; no EQ required.
  • Combat sibilance, plosives and distortion thanks to the in-built, fine-mesh pop shield & smart internal projection.
  • Highly focused supercardioid polar pattern.
  • Designed, produced and built by hand in the UK.
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