Little Bear BS1 Mammoth Wooly Bass Fuzz
It's take about 5 months for building this pedal. Re-design PCB and metal box. Test it again and again. Now. Just finished. Quick guide: It's for bass and guitar both support and sound is very strong, and large distortion, Fuzz, and booster signal too more over fat. It's good for play Metal / Rock music, and about this pedal support DC in. or Battery power. when you plug in DC power. it's auto to power by DC. pull out the DC. auto change to Battery. else. when you Plug in 6.35Jack, the pedal will auto Turn ON. pull out the 6.35JACK, it's will auto OFF and with true bypass food switch. the FUN parts is the both BLUE LED. when Turn ON. the BOTH LED like the eyes of mammoth.
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