Korg Pa300 61-key Arranger Workstation (with Indian Styles)

A Flexible Entry-level Arranger from Korg

As part of Korg's acclaimed Pa series of arranger workstations, the compact Korg Pa300 delivers unprecedented quality. By borrowing Korg's RX (Real eXperience) technology from its bigger siblings, the Pa300 is an easy-to-use but powerful arranger. Because the Pa300 is bursting with internal PCM memory, over 300 Styles, a color TouchView display, four stereo master effects, and powerful onboard amplification, you can use it to quickly and easily play along with a backing band or create your own music - right out of the box! On top of that, the Korg Pa300 61-key arranger workstation does all of this in a compact, elegant package that's easy to transport.
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Korg Pa700 61-key Arranger Workstation (with Indian Styles)

A Powerful Arranger with Natural Sound

A songwriter's best friend, the Korg Pa700 arranger keyboard combines a compact design with amazingly natural sounds and a wide range of musical styles. With many advanced features from Korg's flagship Pa4X arranger (like KAOSS effects and MIDI control) and the Defined Nuance Control (DNC) sound engine, you'll be able to produce lifelike sounds and incredibly dynamic performances. You get over 370 styles, a large TouchView display for easy navigation, and over 1,700 sounds. Simply put, the Korg Pa700 is a powerful yet easy-to-use arranger workstation.
  • Professional arranger keyboard with over 370 music styles and over 1,700 sounds
  • Defined Nuance Control sound engine allows you to add natural-sounding musical nuances to performances
  • 7" TFT color touchscreen display makes it easy to navigate your project
  • Enhanced Guitar Mode 2 makes it easy to write guitar parts that actually sound like they're played by a guitarist
  • Built-in MP3 player, with Transpose and Tempo Change so you can play along in any key and tempo you like
  • Fully-programmable SongBook database
  • Built-in 2 x 25W speaker system
  • In the box: AC power cable, music stand, and Quick Guide
  • You may also want to purchase: an expression/volume pedal, damper pedal, footswitch pedal, or bench seat
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Korg Pa1000 61-key Professional Arranger (with Indian Styles)

Realize Your Musical Ideas with World-class Sounds

The Korg Pa1000 Professional Arranger keyboard combines your favorite Korg arrangement functions with the best features of their flagship Pa4X arranger. With more than 420 styles, 1,700 sounds, and 600MB of storage for your own samples, the Pa1000 is ready for any style of composition. The 7" TFT color touchscreen makes navigation simple, and also offers access to KAOSS-style MIDI and effects control for hands-on creative inspiration. And with a mic/line/instrument input with studio-quality TC-Helicon effects processing, the Korg Pa1000 Professional Arranger is a powerful workstation for modern composers.
  • Professional arranger keyboard for composers, musicians, and songwriters
  • Incorporates many advanced features from Korg's flagship Pa4X arranger
  • Ideal for composing in a wide range of genres, with over 420 musical styles onboard
  • Makes it easy to try a chord progression or melody in many different styles
  • 61 semi-weighted keys with aftertouch for expressive playability
  • Vivid 7" touchscreen display with access to KAOSS effect and MIDI control
  • Defined Nuance Control gives you hands-on control over realistic musical nuances like sax growls and embouchure variation
  • Mic/line/guitar input with TC-Helicon effects processing
  • 600MB for user sampling
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Korg Kross 2 61-key Synthesizer Workstation

Bring Your Music to Life with the Kross 2

The Korg Kross synth workstation has been a huge hit. Now the Kross 2 raises the bar with more power, more presets (1075), more polyphony (120 voices), a new sampling engine, sample trigger pads, and more. Still amazingly affordable, the Kross 2 61 packs 61 synth-action keys, a boatload of class-leading sounds, and a bevy of intuitive and powerful production tools into a svelte, eye-catching chassis that weighs in at under 10 pounds. It will even run on six AA batteries, for impromptu busking in the park. With a mic input, a built-in audio recorder, a 16-track MIDI sequencer, drum track, arpeggiator, and Electribe-derived step sequencer, the Korg Kross 2 61 will bring your music to life.
Korg EK-50 61-key Arranger Keyboard

Korg’s First Affordable Full-size Arranger

If you’ve ever wanted to play your favorite music and sound like a million bucks — without spending a fortune — We have an arranger keyboard for you! The EK-50 is Korg’s first affordable, full-size 61-key arranger; and it packs over 700 sounds, 280 auto-accompaniment styles, and easy operation — plus advanced recording and playback features, a great-sounding stereo speaker system, and LED buttons for effortless navigation.
Styles for realistic backing and composition There’s nothing cheesy about the selection of styles supplied with the Korg EK-50. Programmed by leading arrangers, the EK-50 contains 280 different styles that provide you with unparalleled realism and detail. You won’t have to suffer through monotonous, repetitive accompaniment with the EK-50 either, as each style contains two intros, four variations, two fills, a count-in, and two endings. The EK-50’s rich, detailed accompaniment also provides useful ideas for your own arrangements. Simply play a chord progression, and the Korg EK-50 will complete the basic backing tracks for you!
  • Stereo PCM sound generator
  • 64-voice maximum polyphony
  • 700+ sounds, 41 drum kits (including GM-compatible sound sets)
  • 280+ styles, each containing 2 intros, 4 variations, 2 fills, 1 count-in, and 2 endings
  • More than 16 music styles
  • More than 170 keyboard sets
  • 18 demo songs
  • Set list mode, 10 banks × 4
  • Easy layout including LED buttons to clearly indicate what is selected
  • Bright, easy-to-read LCD display
  • Speaker system: 10-watt x 10-watt, 4.72" double-cone speakers × 2 (bass reflex box-type); speaker EQ: 8 types
  • USB/MIDI, device and host connectivity
  • Audio player: MP3, WAV (44.1kHz)
  • Compatible with all Pa50 Styles
  • 4 stereo multi-effects processors (2 style, 2 sound; 148 effects variations)
  • Touch control: soft (light), medium (standard), hard (heavier), fixed
  • 34 effects types (148 variations)
  • Effects (accompaniment part): 2 stereo digital multi-effects
  • Effects (keyboard part): 2 stereo digital multi-effects
  • Onboard sequencer with real-time recording, maximum 999 songs; supports song play and standard MIDI files
  • 11 scale types (including user scale)
  • Metronome: tempo, beat, volume
  • Tempo: 30–240
  • Key transpose: C (-12) to C (0) to C (+12)
  • Tuning: 427.5–452.9Hz
  • Foot controller jack: 1/4" phone jack
  • Audio in jack: 3.5mm stereo mini phone jack
  • Output: L MONO, R 1/4" phone jacks
  • Headphone jack: 3.5mm stereo mini phone jack
  • USB A port: to device port for connecting USB flash memory and controllers
  • USB B port: to host port for connecting to personal computers
  • MIDI over USB
  • Custom LCD with backlighting
  • Power supply: AC adapter (included) or AA batteries x 8 (sold separately)
  • Included items: AC adapter, sheet music stand
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Korg B2 Digital Piano

Korg B2:A Piano for the Whole Family

The Korg B2 spearheads a new generation of Korg digital pianos. Very approachable and easy to use‚ the B2 features Korg's acclaimed Natural Weighted Hammer Action keyboard that provides the feel and responsiveness if a real acoustic piano. The full-sized, 88-note NH keyboard with adjustable touch control fosters proper playing technique — vitally important for beginners. Gorgeous, lush, and inspiring. Korg's new sound engine delivers twelve stunning sounds, including legendary grand pianos from around the world, plus electric pianos and organs. The Korg B2 offers ample connectivity and comes with a generous software bundle to spark your creativity.
  • Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) keyboard provides authentic acoustic piano feel
  • Cutting-edge piano sound engine with 12 carefully selected sounds
  • Versatile I/O for easy connectivity
  • Generous software bundle included
  • Included music rest for sheet music and mobile devices
  • Multiple keyboard configurations to meet your needs
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Touch Control: 3 types
  • Pitch: transpose, fine tuning
  • Temperament: equal temperament
  • Sound Generation: stereo PCM
  • Maximum polyphony: 120 voices
  • 12 onboard sounds
  • 12 demo songs
  • Effects: Reverb, Chorus
  • Metronome: Tempo, Time signature, and Volume controls
  • Pedal: Damper (half-pedaling supported with optional PU-2 pedal unit (available separately)
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Korg Krome 61-Key Synthesizer Workstation

A Powerful Workstation with Sounds from the Kronos

When you power up your Korg Krome keyboard workstation, you'll have an incredible assortment of lifelike pianos, drums, EPs, and other instruments under your fingers, plus a streamlined interface with a powerful 16-track sequencer — everything you need to make memorable music fast. Krome keyboards use sounds derived from Korg's respected Kronos workstation, plus an amazing range of arp patterns and drum grooves. In short, Krome workstations come packed with inspiration. And whether you're using it with your DAW in plug-in mode, or navigating it with the intuitive full-color touchscreen, you'll love creating music with your Korg Krome.
Korg EK-50L (Limitless) 61-key Arranger

The Affordable Arranger Keyboard for Entertainers

If you’ve ever wanted an affordable, easy-to-use arranger keyboard to play your music at small events and coffee house gigs — without a PA system — Korg has just what you need! The EK-50 L is a specialized version of Korg’s popular EK-50 arranger keyboard optimized for live performance. It’s packed with over 700 great sounds and 290 auto-accompaniment style presets, and it’s equipped with high-volume stereo speakers, plus advanced recording and playback features and LED buttons for easy navigation.
  • 790 sounds, 59 drum kits
  • 290 auto-accompaniment styles
  • 4 stereo multi-effects processors
  • Fast, intuitive control layout
  • Onboard audio player (MP3, WAV)
  • 3.5mm stereo audio in jack
  • Custom LCD with backlighting
  • Built-in high-volume speakers
  • USB-to-host (MIDI over USB); USB-to-device
  • Play back your favorite songs while performing
  • Add Styles from KORG’s extensive online library
  • Included software bundle
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Korg LP-180 Digital Piano

Korg LP-180

When choosing a home piano, there are many factors to consider, and for many people, a digital piano is the best answer. In terms of available space, price and forseeable maintenance, digital has its distinct advantages. Once you've decided to go with a digital piano, then it becomes a question of what brand and what model to choose. The Korg LP-180 merits your consideration.
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