BBE 362NR Dual-Channel Sonic Maximizer Noise Reduction (Open Box)
The Sonic Maximizer from BBE has received ecstatic praise from every music recording and DJ magazine we can think of. And with good reason. BBE's near-magical process will give even the deadest recording a sonic kick in the butt! It enhances the sound of any instrument and makes instruments stand out from one another in even the densest mix. The Sonic Maximizer 362 NR The 362NR combines a full-featured Sonic Maximizer with an independent, single-ended noise reduction system in a single rack-space unit. How cool can things get? The punch, fullness, and sparkle of the Sonic Maximizer combined with high-quality Noise Reduction in an affordable package - the applications for this baby are endless! Here's one: If you're like a lot of us, you've gone from analog to digital, but a lot of your best taped performances haven't. Use the 362NR to cut the noise and bring out the sound on those old reels or 4-track cassettes. In fact, use it for all your dubbing needs. Put it in your instrument rack if you're a guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, etc. Improve the sound of your digital samples, too. The Noise Reduction and Sonic Maximizer can be used together or separately for maximum flexibility. If you don't need the Noise reduction, check out the other amazing Sonic Maximizer Models. Applications Home recording Pro studios-dubbing, copying of "noisy" source material Instrument racks for guitar, bass, and keyboards Improve sampling quality and fidelity Features Unbalanced 1/4 in. and RCA inputs and outputs Dual channel/ganged controls Threshold control Detector release time control BBE Sonic Maximizer and single-ended noise reduction totally independent or can be used together. Open Box Item Condition: Like New Warranty: 7 Days
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