Steinberg UR44 Premium USB Audio Interface

PKR 127,000

6-in/4-out, 24-bit/192kHz USB Audio Interface, Four Class-A D-PRE Mic Preamplifiers, Latency Free Monitoring & Onboard DSP plug-ins, Rugged full-metal casing, Bundled Software – Mac/PC


Premium Recording for Any DAW on Any Platform!

Every day, countless customers call their Sales Engineers looking for cross-platform-compatible audio interfaces. Mac, Windows, iOS – it doesn’t matter! Whichever recording platform you choose, Steinberg’s UR44 USB audio interface gives you the quality analog I/O you need. Four Class A D-Pre preamps let you track anything with refreshingly transparent clarity, and MIDI I/O lets you connect keyboards and other music gear. You can monitor with zero latency, and even sweeten your headphone mix with DSP-powered effects. Factor in iPad compatibility, and you’ve got a smart portable interface solution with the UR44.

Steinberg UR44 USB Audio Interface Features:

  • An excellent 6-in/4-out, 24-bit/192kHz USB 2.0 recording interface for your Mac, PC, or iPad
  • I/O includes 4 Class A D-PRE preamps with phantom power and 2 x instrument inputs
  • Onboard DSP provides latency-free monitor mixing and monitoring with effects and processing
  • Pugged full-metal chassis provides the durability you need to take your recording rig on the road
  • Includes Cubase AI DAW software
  • Bundled with Steinberg’s Basic FX Suite VST 3 plug-ins
  • iOS compliant (with optional Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit)

Project studios

While your project studio is unlikely to need a huge analog mixing desk or dozens of inputs, you rightly demand outstanding audio quality and the ability to record a wide range of instruments, microphones and other audio sources. You want phantom power for condenser microphones, MIDI connectivity for external hardware and know you can get the most from your mix by the ability to connect several pairs of monitors for checking on different speaker combinations. And what about DSP FX with no latency for recording guitars? The UR44 delivers all this, letting you integrate all your gear with one compact, portable interface.

The all-round solution for multi-role musicians

As a musician today, you need to be versatile. You might be recording your band in a rehearsal room one day, then helping out on a friend’s album production, DJing, playing audio backing tracks for a live gig or setting up a home studio. Then you might need a portable interface to record an idea that’s been bouncing around in your head all day while you are travelling or on tour. With its perfect balance of inputs, outputs, portability, outstanding audio quality and control, the UR44 is the ideal interface for the modern, multi-role musician.

Backing the band

Audience expectations have never been higher, which is why these days many performers augment their live sound with pre-produced backing tracks, perhaps also using MIDI to trigger additional equipment like stage lighting. You can be part of this performing revolution with the UR44, which offers an ultra-flexible, reliable and portable solution for live shows. With up to two separate stereo mixes for the house system and performers, MIDI I/O for controlling lighting equipment and independent headphone outputs allowing someone to be in charge of cueing the next song, the UR44 is ideally suited to being the heart of your live performance.


  • Total number of inputs: 6
  • Total number of Outputs: 4
  • Microphone inputs: 4
  • Inputs with HI-Z: 2
  • Analog inputs TRS: 2
  • Analog inputs Combo: 4
  • Analog outputs TRS: 4
  • AD/DA: 24 bit
  • Maximum sample rate: 192 kHz
  • Dynamic range input: 101 dB
  • Phantom power: 4
  • Headphones outputs: 2
  • MIDI I/O: Yes
  • Monitoring: Latency free monitoring with FX
  • High-Pass filter: Yes
  • REV-X Reverb: Yes
  • Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip: Yes
  • Connection Type: USB
  • Casing: Full-metal casing