Sapphire MMI-TRS Wireless Instrument Microphone

PKR 15,000

Wireless Freedom with Portability

  • Wireless instrument microphone for any folk instrument like Sitaar, Tablam Rabab, Sarangi, Flute etc
  • The transmitter and receiver comes with a re-chargeable battery with up to 10Hrs work time on a full charge. Transmitting type of two-way 2.4G FH with a work distance of 40-50mts.
  • Mini metal clip allows you to easily clip it to your collar, tie or pocket. We use state of the art lightweight materials to insure you barely even notice the mic is there. Audio Signal: Digital Sampling 16bit 44.4KHz.
  • Pairing Type: Automatic, Frequency Response: 20-20KHz.
  • Current: 0dbm Current Less than 30mA
  • 3.5mm Receiver is compatible with 3.5mm Standard Mic In ports on PC or Laptops
  • 6.35mm Phono Connector included for using with standard Mic Input