RODE RodeLink Filmmaker Kit

PKR 135,000

Wireless System for Video

Mobility is often the key to shooting a great video. With the RODE RODELink Filmmaker Kit, you get the wireless package you need for shooting quality video without being encumbered by wires or cables. The RODELink Filmmaker Kit comes with a beltpack transmitter, camera-mount receiver, and a lavalier microphone — everything you need for setting up a great shoot. The simplicity of this system makes it an excellent alternative to wired mics or for working on shoots that demand a quick setup, such as a multi-cam shoot.

1-touch pairing

One of the truly standout features of the RODELink is the 1-touch pairing, which syncs your transmitter and receiver instantly. Just power on the receiver and transmitter and the two will sync within seconds. The RODELink also uses an encrypted digital transmission sent on two channels simultaneously that scans frequencies and chooses the strongest signal available. The RODELink also detects interference and will switch to a new frequency to keep you connected to the most reliable and secure signal possible.

Great power options

The RODELink’s receiver and transmitter can be continuously powered with a micro USB cable, or you can get 10 hours of power from two AA batteries. The receiver features an easy-to-read OLED display that informs you of battery status so that you don’t have to worry about your recording project for the day.

  • Unit mounts on a standard camera shoe mount, 3/8″ thread, or belt clip for added versatility
  • 128-bit encryption constantly monitors and moves between frequencies to maintain the strongest possible signal
  • 1-touch pairing syncs your transmitter and receiver instantly
  • Up to 100m range gives you great mobility while you record
  • 3-level gain control gives you options for capturing great sound

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