RODE RodeCaster Pro Podcast Production Studio

PKR 163,600

Your Podcast Production Studio

The world’s first fully integrated podcast production studio, RODE’s RODECaster Pro delivers superb audio quality while greatly simplifying the process of podcast production. With its four Class A mic preamps, RODECaster Pro supports up to four presenters and offers easy connection to phone, USB, and Bluetooth sources. And for instant playback of sound effects and jingles, it features eight programmable pads. You can record your podcasts directly to microSD card or to a computer via USB. With its large full-color touchscreen and intuitive control set, RODECaster Pro is incredibly fast and easy to use. Our advice: whether you’re a seasoned broadcast pro or just starting out, the RODECaster Pro is the only podcast production studio you need.

  • Easy-to-use integrated podcast production console
  • Records 24-bit/48kHz audio directly to microSD card or computer via USB
  • Seamlessly streams live shows
  • 4 Class A mic preamps
  • 48V phantom power
  • 8 faders to control audio levels
  • Instant FX or music playback via 8 programmable pads (with companion app)
  • Echo-free phone connectivity via either TRRS or Bluetooth with automatic mix-minus
  • Aphex Big Bottom and Aural Exciter processing onboard
  • Dimensions: 13.78″ W x 10.83″ D x 3.23″ H
  • Weight: 4.37 lbs.



The RØDE Difference

Connect and be recording in minutes

The RODECaster’s four high-quality Class A mic preamps handle studio condenser microphones as well as dynamic mics. Quickly connect microphones for you and your guests with automatic level setting and one-touch recording to a microSD card. Operation is so simple, you can be recording your first podcast within minutes of taking the RODECaster Pro out of the box.

Pads for sound effects, music, and more

The RODECaster Pro features eight programmable pads for instantly triggering sound effects, jingles, applause, and commercials — perfect for giving your podcast professional sheen. Record audio directly to the programmable pads from any input, or simply drag and drop files from your computer via the included software. You can even select your favorite colors for pad illumination.

Class A servo-biased preamps

The RODECaster Pro’s pristine preamps and outputs feature Class A circuitry, as found in expensive broadcast consoles. The Class A, servo-biased preamps provide a clean gain structure with very low distortion for a broadcast-grade signal. For the rich, warm sound found in professional studios, your signal can also be enhanced with the legendary Aphex Aural Exciter and Big Bottom audio processors, both incorporated in the audio processing section of the RODECaster Pro. The RODECaster Pro also features multi-stage compression, limiting, de-essing, and gating.

Phone interviews

Want to phone interview a remote guest? Easy — just connect your phone to the RODECaster Pro via Bluetooth or with a TRRS cable. The RODECaster Pro automatically supplies mix-minus audio to prevent echo being heard by the caller, without the need for dedicated hardware. Telephone interviews never sounded so great!

Standalone or tethered

Right out of the box, the RODECaster Pro functions as a standalone unit that records directly to microSD cards, so you can be up and running in mere minutes. The RODECaster Pro is also a USB audio interface, so it can connect to your computer via USB. This means you can record your podcast to the recording software of your choice and seamlessly stream live shows.

Updated firmware delivers major upgrades

As if the RODECaster Pro wasn’t impressive enough already, Rode released a major firmware upgrade that lets you unlock even more of its full potential. For starters, the upgrade allows full multitrack recording (stereo live mix plus individual sources) directly to microSD media. You’re going to want a high-quality card for that, which you can find here at Sweetwater. To let you make the most of this new onboard recording capability, Rode also made the RODECaster Pro’s file handling more user friendly. Revamped recording functions include the ability to pause during recording and color-coded record button that can reflect channel recording states.

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Made in Australia
RODE DC-USB1 USB to DC Power Cable for RODEcaster Pro
The DC-USB1 is a power cable that allows the RØDECaster Pro to be powered from any compatible USB output, making it entirely portable. It features a locking connector for added security. A high-power (2.4A minimum) USB output is required for operation. For best results, we recommend using a USB power bank with USB Power Delivery (PD). USB device/power bank is not included. Key Features:
  • USB to 12V DC power cable for powering the RØDECaster Pro from a USB power bank
  • Locking connector for added security
PKR 6,200 Add to cart
Made in Australia
RODE XLR-ID XLR Cable Identification Rings
The XLR-ID is a set of eight colour-coded rings that can be affixed to any XLR plug to assist with cable identification. The colours of the rings match the colours used for each of the microphone channels on the RØDECaster Pro. Key Features:  
  • Coloured identification tags for XLR cables
  • Matched to the channel colours on the RØDECaster Pro
PKR 3,100 Add to cart
Made in Australia

Cover for the RØDECaster Pro

​The RØDECover Pro is designed to fit perfectly over the RØDECaster Pro, protecting it from ​dust, dirt, and spills while keeping your setup neat and ready to go when not in use. It is made from rock-solid clear polycarbonate that is extremely durable, ensuring both internal and external components are protected. The RØDECover Pro has been precision-engineered to the exact specifications of the RØDECaster Pro for a tight fit that won't slip or slide, making it perfect for use at home, in the studio, or while transporting it in a carry case. Key Features:
  • Rock-solid polycarbonate cover for the RØDECaster Pro
  • Protects internal and external components from dirt, dust, spills, and knocks
  • Precision-engineered to exact specifications of the RØDECaster Pro for a tight fit
  • Perfect for use at home, in the studio, or while transporting the RØDECaster Pro in a carry case
PKR 14,900 Add to cart