RODE Rodecaster Pro II Podcast Production Console

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Create Content Like Never Before

Rode takes their world-class podcast production studio to a new level with the Rodecaster Pro II. The Rodecaster Pro II blends everything you need for podcasting, streaming, and studio recording into a single, streamlined production console. Users with limited experience can get started fast, thanks to the intuitive layout and RGB color-coded workflow. The Rodecaster Pro II has enough inputs for four hosts and effortlessly connects to phones, USB, and Bluetooth sources. Plus, there are individual headphone outputs for each host. Rodecaster Pro II also includes stellar factory presets, APHEX-powered DSP, and onboard effects to help you achieve a pro-level sound. Whether you’re a veteran podcaster or a livestream star in the making, the Rodecaster Pro II is your best bet for pro-level audio production.

  • The ultimate podcast production and streaming studio
  • Dual USB-C interfaces connect to two computers or mobile devices simultaneously
  • Customizable 9-channel mixer provides flexible operation
  • Fully programmable SMART pads control every aspect of your production
  • Combination inputs let you connect microphones, instruments, and line-level devices
  • 4 Revolution preamps offer 76dB of gain without injecting extra noise into the signal
  • Onboard effects and APHEX audio processing add a professional polish to your recordings
  • 5.5-inch full-color touchscreen provides at-a-glance monitoring
  • 4 headphone outputs and stereo outs offer flexible monitoring
  • Bluetooth connectivity delivers high-definition and wireless audio monitoring
  • microSD card reader lets you record and store audio onboard
  • 24-bit/48kHz resolution preserves your audio quality
  • Phantom power lets you use condenser microphones
  • Offers ten production languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi)

Onboard APHEX processing and effects polish your sound

The Rodecaster Pro II comes equipped with a quad-core audio engine that puts outstanding processing power at your fingertips. Rode outfitted this podcasting production console with a suite of APHEX processors to push productions into a league of their own. You get access to APHEX’s legendary Aural Exciter, Big Bottom, and Compellor. Furthermore, Rode included onboard effects — reverb, delay, and pitch shifting, to name but a few — to add a pro-level sheen to any podcast or livestream.

Upgraded SMART pads

Instead of eight standard sound pads, Rode outfitted the Rodecaster Pro II with an octet of newly designed SMART pads. SMART pads don’t just trigger intro music, sound effects, and jingles; they’re customizable to a wild degree. Every pad is fully customizable and can toggle voice effects on and off, send MIDI commands to your DAW or external hardware, adjust the mixer’s functionality, and even mute profanity. There are eight banks of eight pads for up to 64 unique actions. The Rodecaster Pro II’s SMART pad matrix puts total creative control at your fingertips.

Customize your workflow

One of the reasons content creators are so excited about Rodecaster Pro II is its fully customizable workflow. This podcast production studio has a flexible 9-channel mixer with six physical faders and three virtual channels, each with integrated pan control. Each channel is individually assignable, letting you assign any analog, USB, Bluetooth, or SMART pad source to any fader in any order you want. You can also link analog inputs for stereo mic pairs, outboard gear, and other instruments. The Rodecaster Pro II includes a 5.5-inch full-color touchscreen with haptic feedback and a rotary controller for quick, hands-on navigation. Whether your workflow is counterintuitive or straightforward, the Rodecaster Pro II is ready for it.

High-gain, low-noise preamps

High-quality preamps are a necessity for today’s content creation environment. Thankfully, the Rodecaster Pro II includes four exceptional Revolution preamps. These pro-level mic pres have a low-noise design and provide up to 76dB of gain. That means you can plug in your lowest output dynamic mics into Rodecaster Pro II and crank them up without injecting distracting noise into your signal or relying on microphone lifters and boosters. Better still, Revolution preamps flaunt a clean and transparent response that allows every detail to translate in the mix.

Flexibility for any creator’s setup

Everybody’s setup is different, even in top-of-the-line podcast studios. Rode knows this, so they designed Rodecaster Pro II to integrate seamlessly into any rig. It comes loaded with four combination inputs to accommodate any combination of mic, line, and instrument level devices. Want to add a backing track? Thanks to the crystal-clear audio streaming provided by advanced Bluetooth technology, that’s no problem. What’s more, dual USB-C interfaces let you connect two computers or mobile devices. A remote co-host’s zoom feed on your smartphone can go into one USB-C port while the other USB-C port connects to a computer to record the audio. We’re just scratching the surface of Rodecaster Pro II’s outstanding flexibility.

Use it on its own or with your DAW

The Rodecaster Pro II is as flexible as they come — and it’s ready to record right away with a microSD card. Seriously, you can get up and running in mere minutes. What’s more, the Rodecaster Pro II functions as a USB audio interface, allowing you to connect to your computer via USB. Whether you’re recording interviews for upcoming podcast episodes or streaming directly to Twitch or TikTok Live, Rodecaster Pro II is more than prepared.

The podcast studio that gets better over time

Users of the original Rodecaster Pro will remember the regularly-scheduled firmware upgrades that unlocked the podcast production studio’s true potential. For the Rodecaster Pro II, Rode follows the same pattern. They’re already updating the Rodecaster Pro II’s firmware to give you greater production flexibility, add new features, and ensure software compatibility with future product releases. Each update will be available at no cost to you and downloadable directly to your Rodecaster Pro II via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or USB.

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