Musedo T1S-L Strap Tuner

PKR 1,750

Chromatic Strap Digital Tuner

T-1S is easy to warp on the guitar headstock or anywhere of your instrument! Core tuning technology from Cherub! Accurate! Fast! It can also be used as a watch.

The first time power on will enter clock mode. Press and hold ? for 2 seconds to switch to tuning mode. The default item is chromatic. If no signal is present for 5 minutes, the unit will automatically switch to clock mode, and save the current preset.

In Tuning Mode:

  • Use a pin to click ? to switch Tuning items, A4 Value, Flat tuning. After setting, please wait 3 seconds to enter the tuning mode to tune.
  • In the Tuning Modes selection page, press ? to select tuning modes: C – Chromatic, G � Guitar, B � Bass, U � Ukulele.
  • In the A4 Value page, press ? to adapt the A4 value: 430~450 Hz.
  • In the Flat tuning page, press ? to enable flat tuning: N/A, ?, ??.

In Clock Mode:

The screen shows the time. Use a pin to click ? to enter clock setting, press ? to set the time. After finished setting, click ? to quit the setting mode.