Aroma AM707 Mechanical Metronome

PKR 8,500

Mechanical Pyramid Style Metronome with Adjustable Beater & Built in Bell

The Aroma classic pyramid mechanical metronome is well constructed for durability and reliability whilst still being an affordable choice for all musicians, Made from thick gloss black plastic, the metronome stands at 20cm tall and 10cm wide at the maximum point. The fascia has a transparent removable cover that protects the pendulum when not in use. The tempo range is from 40 beats per minute to 208 beats per minute. Tempo is changed by sliding the weight on the pendulum rod to the desired position and a winding key ensures extended usage. The metronome also features a beat selector on the side allowing you to accent either the second, third, fourth or sixth beat with a built in bell, or set to zero the bell will be silenced. A great metronome for home, group, school and teaching use.