Martin & Co MFX750 Flexible Core 92/8 Phosphor Bronze

PKR 3,700

Martin MFX750 medium acoustic guitar strings use a thinner core wire to deliver greater player control with sharp attack, increased flexibility and improved harmonic sustain. The wrap is constructed of 92/8 bronze and the core wire is Martin’s platinum: high carbon steel with special zinc flashing. Recommended for acoustic country, bluegrass and blues styles.

92/8 Phosphor Bronze alloy is comprised of 92% copper, 8% tin and traces of lead, iron, zinc and phosphor.  These strings produce a bright but slightly warmer sound than 80/20 strings.  The phosphor in the alloy helps them to retain their new sound for greater consistency in brilliance levels.

Martin’s newly redesigned string packaging makes the product easier to identify and ensures a longer shelf life. Martin string packages now feature a unique color for each product family making it simple to efficiently browse their entire line and find exactly what you’re looking for. Martin has also begun packaging their strings in a sealed flow wrap packet to help ensure that the strings stay fresher longer, allowing players to store strings for long periods of time without worries of tone degradation.

String gauge: E – .013,  B – .017,  G – .026,  D – .035,  A – .045,  E – .056

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