Ernie Ball 2023 Paradigm Super Slinky

PKR 6,500

Go on, Try to Break Them

Ernie Ball Paradigm electric guitar strings are amazingly resistant to rust and breakage — and whether you earn a living with your guitar or not, that’s a big deal. These plasma-treated strings deliver classic Slinky tone along with advanced engineering that can withstand aggressive players. And even if you travel with your guitar often, or live in a salty-aired coastal region, Paradigm strings will stay rust-free for a very long time. Kenny Wayne Shepherd couldn’t break ’em. John Petrucci couldn’t break ’em. Guitarists at haven’t been able to break Ernie Ball Paradigm guitar strings either, and we expect you’ll eventually get bored trying.

Perfect for trem-arm users and abusers

Whether you rock a Bigsby, Floyd Rose, or any other trem system, you needn’t fear pulling up when you’ve got Ernie Ball Paradigm strings. They’re built to withstand every dive-bomb return and pinch-harmonic squeal you put them through. This is a Super Slinky set with 0.009–0.042-gauge strings. Put them on your favorite guitar, then enjoy the fact that you won’t need to replace them for a very long time.

Pro Tip: use an eco-friendly string cleaner to keep grime off these long-lasting strings!

  • Rust- and break-resistant strings for electric guitar
  • Allows for extreme trem-arm abuse without breaking
  • Super Slinky set, 0.009–0.042 gauges
  • Perfect for aggressive players and frequent travelers
  • Ideal for coastal areas with salty air that can cause premature rusting