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Sabian 18” B8X Chinese

PKR 23,500

18″ China Cymbal Made from B8 Bronze



Thin 18″ China with Volume and Bite

Raw, dark, and trashy, the Sabian B8X 18″ Chinese cymbal texturizes grooves and breakdowns with a bit of old-world ornamentation. It packs plenty of volume for metal and rock. Yet its musicality and dynamic range equip this china for funk, orchestral music, and beyond. At its price point, the B8X 18″ Chinese makes a solid option first china for students and beginners. And in the right hands, we feel many drummers will put this cymbal to use in ways that far exceed its class.

The Sabian B8X series at a glance

The Sabian B8X series is born of the Sabian B8 collection — one of the best-selling entry-class cymbal series of all time. Every hi-hat, crash, ride, and FX cymbal in the B8X lineup is hand lathed and aged to bring out the expressiveness in Sabian’s cutting B8 bronze alloy, then hand tested by Sabian’s Vault sound specialists to ensure quality. Whether you’re looking for character, cut, or value, you’ll find it in the Sabian B8X series.

Sabian B8X 18″ Chinese Cymbal Features:

  • Style: focused
  • Metal: B8 bronze
  • Sound: bright
  • Weight: thin