MXL 550 551 Studio Mic Kit

PKR 24,000

Two studio-quality condenser mics paired together in one package.

This incredible recording kit from MXL pairs up the MXL 550 and the MXL 551 for a ensemble that is ideal for quality-oriented but budget-minded musicians. The MXL550/551R Studio Kit delivers outstanding performance for both vocals and instruments. The MXL 550 is a robust vocal condenser microphone with exceptional clarity and tonal quality. The MXL 551 instrument microphone provides the dynamic range needed for acoustic guitars, drums, high-hat cymbals, pianos, percussion, stringed instruments and more. This is the ideal package for the home or project studio where quality is required, but on a scale most musicians can afford.



  • Microphone pair that can cover all recording needs
  • Perfect to use together”one for vocals, one for instruments
  • Fine-tuned to deliver extra clarity and detail
  • FET preamp with balanced output and low noise
  • Distinctive design with a striking red body

Cover all your recording needs with this perfect pair of studio mics.