Marantz Sound Shield Compact
Compact, Folding Vocal Reflection Baffle
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Samson MBA18 18″ Microphone Boom Arm
  • Telescoping microphone boom arm
  • Iron and plastic construction
  • 18" maximum arm reach
  • 5/8"-27 mic clip threading
  • 5lb maximum weight capacity
  • C-clamp mount (2" maximum grip)
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Samson MD2 Desktop Microphone Stand
  • 6–9" telescoping desktop microphone stand
  • Weighted die-cast metal base (4" width) for stable positioning
  • 5/8"-27 mic clip threading
  • Compatible with any standard microphone/mic clip
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Samson PS05 Microphone Pop Filter
  • 5.25" microphone pop filter
  • Dual-layer 4.75" nylon mesh screen reduces vocal popping ("P-Pops") and sibilance
  • Extra durable 7.25" gooseneck for optimal filter positioning
  • Ball joint mount for 360° filter rotation
  • C-clamp mount (1" maximum grip) fits most standard mic stand shafts and booms
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Notation / Music Stand HD with Microphone Stand Combo
Notation / Music Stand HD with Microphone Stand Combo
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Notation / Music Stand HD Mini
Professional Fold-able Music Stand Conductor Metal Tripod w/ Sheet Notes Holder
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Shock Mount Holder for Condenser Mics
Ideal for Radio Broadcasting Studio / Voice-Over / Sound Studio Universal Microphone Shock Mount
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Shock Mount Holder for Dynamic or Pencil Condenser Mic
Ideal for Radio Broadcasting Studio / Voice-Over / Sound Studio Universal Microphone Shock Mount
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iCON SB100X Studio Monitors Stands
  • Universal monitor stand
  • Extremely stable and robust
  • 4 adjustable fixtures for iCON Monitors (optional)
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Flanger Violin-Ukulele Hanger with Bow Holder
Real hradwood offers beautiful&unique wood grain. Protective padding gently and securely supports the instrument. Violin does not rest on its tuners; bow holder peg included.
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Roland APC-33 Electronic Module and Controller Mount and clamp
All-purpose Mounting Clamp for Electronic Percussion Pads/Controllers
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Roland PDS-10 (Stand for SPD Controllers)
Adjustable Stand for Roland HandSonic Percussion Controllers
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Aroma AGS-08 Universal String Instrument Stand
  • A-frame foldable type, made of aluminum alloy, easy to carry along and use.
  • Unique structure design with adjustable pads and arms expands the usage range.
  • Patented open-close design of supporting arms makes the stand much more stable.
  • Soft silicon pads at contact points between instrument and stand.
  • 4 silicon feet with anti-slip surface greatly improve stability of the stand. Suitable for different sizes and types of string instrument, like Electric/ Classical Guitar, Ukulele, etc.
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Aroma AGS-03 Folding Guitar Stand
AROMA AGS-03 Folding Guitar Stand Guitar Frame Plastic Rack for Guitar Description: Dimension: 270*100*28mm (folded) Weight: 288g Rabbit Style with strong metal stand holder Fit for: Guitar/Bass/Mandolin other string instrument Features: Slip resistance Guitar/Acoustic Floor Stand Foldable Foldable,easy to carry,light weight,foldable to small size Stand for all sizes guitars including classic, folk, jazz and electric guitars and bass Made from ABS light plastic material Special cushion material to protect your instruments
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Guitar stool with stand

Standing aid / guitar chair

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Proel RSM180 Professional Tripod Microphone Boom Stand
Microphone stand with boom, tripod nylon base. Available with matt black or chrome plated finish. This line of microphone stands has turned out to be highly competitive since its introduction. Its success is to be found in the use of high-tech components at competitive prices, creative design and stability. The stands are made with accurately chosen materials, such as all nylon sliding joints and brass inserts granting long lasting high quality.
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