37 Keys Melodica/Pianica/Melodion
37 Key Stainless Steel Base Melodica/Pianica/Meldion
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Soprano Recorder With Cleaning Rod + Carrying Bag, Creamy/Black Color
Imported food grade ABS, non-toxic engineering resin, safe, non-toxic Two interface ports, for easy adjustment the clarinet's sound Cleaning stick Eight holes Soprano clarinet
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Professional Tabla Set (Copper)
✔ PACKAGE CONTAINS One Copper Bayan (Bass - Larger Metal Drum) One Sheesham Dayan (Treble - Wooden Drum) Set of Cushions
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High Quality Student Tabla Set (Steel)
✔ PACKAGE CONTAINS One Steel Bayan (Bass - Larger Metal Drum) One Sheesham Dayan (Treble - Wooden Drum) Set of Cushions
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Woodman Kazoo Gift Box

Woodman Premium Wooden Kazoo With Metal Padded Gift Box & Carry Case - Additional Membrane Included

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100% brand new and high quality. You do not have to learn music theory and score, not even have to practice. Just a minute you play the tone of your dreams with KAZOO. You could take it out of your pocket and add to the fun,it's very simply that many musicians and singers use it to be guest appearance. Kazoo's structure is extremely simple, the membrane can be changed (be careful when changing plugs do not get it broken). When playing KAZOO, take the large side in the mouth, with your voice to play the tunes, vocal vibrations can drive KAZOO vibrate.
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Tabla Base Set
Standard Base with High Grade Wooden Construction & Velvet Covering
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Bamboo Flute (Indian Style)
Available in A, B, C, D, E, F & G Keys Available in both straight & sideways play.
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Recorder Flute S.Ivory
  • Key of G
  • German-style Fingering
  • Includes Clear Plastic Carrying Bag & Cleaning Rod
  • Synthetic Ivory
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