Aroma AG15A Rechargeable with Bluetooth & Mic In
15 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier with USB Rechargeable Battery, BlueTooth & Microphone Input
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NUX PA-50 Personal Monitor
NUX PA-50 is a powered monitor designed for e-drums, vocals, keyboards, acoustic and electric instruments. Being a full range powered monitor, PA-50 can fully present the richness of tone characteristic of all kinds of instruments. Dual channel input, 3-band equalizer, 1" tweeter and 6.5" woofer, PA-50 is perfect for small gigs, studio recording or even living stage performance.
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NUX Stageman AC50 50 Watts
The Stageman AC50 includes a combination 1/4-inch / XLR mic channel input, and both channels have independent EQ and effects. It is equipped with a two-way high sensitive speaker system (1 x 6.5" woofers, 1 x 1" tweeter) for dynamic sounds.
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NUX Acoustic 30 30 Watts Acoustic Guitar Amp
  • Guitar and microphone channels with independent volume, EQ and Chorus effects.
  • Built-in Tuner
  • Anti-feedback function
  • Reverb effect
  • AUX In jack for external music player
  • Line Out and Phone Out
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Behringer Ultracoustic ACX450

This Little Amp is a Big Value

Amplify your acoustic and control feedback at the same time with the Behringer Ultracoustic ACX450 stereo acoustic guitar amplifier. Sporting 45 watts of power and two channels to cover all your input needs, the ACX450 is a versatile amp at a great value. With complete connectivity for instruments, microphones, and line-level sources, the ACX450 is a do-it-all amp. If you need an acoustic amp with a lot of features that won't break the bank, check out the Behringer Ultracoustic ACX450. Behringer Ultracoustic ACX450 Acoustic Combo Amp at a Glance:
  • Two channels
  • FBQ feedback indicators
  • Built-in FX
Two Channels: Behringer's ACX450 is a true dual-channel stereo amplifier. Channel One is for your acoustic guitar, while Channel Two gives you inputs for either a microphone or a line-level source. Both channels feature a 5-band graphic EQ for tone shaping. On top of that, each EQ features FBQ feedback indication to help you terminate feedback quickly. FBQ Feedback Indicators: Engage the FBQ control on the ACX450, and LED's on the graphic EQ come to life. The LED's fluctuate in intensity, in response to the input signal. If feedback occurs, just pull down the fader that is glowing brightest - you'll wrangle in that feedback in a flash. Built-in FX: Behringer's ACX450 gives you two separate digital FX processors, one for each channel. Each has 16 presets including reverb, chorus, delay, and more. You can even tailor the chosen effect to your style with the Parameter dial.
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Behringer Ultracoustic AT108
Behringer Ultracoustic AT108 Acoustic Instrument/Vocal Amplifier Features:
  • Powerful 15W, 8" dual-cone Bugera speaker for wide frequency response
  • VTC (Virtual Tube Circuitry) for tube-like sound
  • Versatile I/O provides all-in-one PA performance
  • Ultra-musical 3-band EQ for sound shaping
  • CD input allows you to play along to your favorite music
  • Separate headphone output for quiet practicing
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
The Behringer Ultracoustic AT108 delivers vintage character in a portable, budget-conscious package!
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Laney AudioHub AH80 3 Channel Multi Instrument Amplifier
The AH80 multi-input combo features 3 channels, 5-band graphic master EQ and Digital Delay. 80W RMS power is coupled to a 10” woofer plus tweeter.
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Laney AudioHub AH40 3 Channel Multi Instrument Amplifier
The AH40 multi-input combo features 3 channels with XLR & jack inputs plus 5-band graphic master EQ. A 40W RMS power stage is coupled to an 8" woofer.
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Aroma AG-03M 5W Portable Multifunction Guitar Amp

Aroma AG-03M 5W Portable Multifunction Guitar Amp Recorder Speaker Compact with TF Card Slot

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Made in Vietnam
Marshall AS100D 2×8 Acoustic Combo Amp
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  • Channels for both piezo and magnetic pickups
  • 2x50W of power
  • 2 - 8" speakers
  • Built-in digital reverb, delay, and chorus
  • Notch filters and phase switches for feedback control
  • Dedicated mic channel for vocals or miking instruments
Bring your acoustic performance to a higher level with the AS100D. Order today.
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Made in Vietnam
Marshall AS50D Acosutic Guitar Amp
  • Output (RMS): 50 watt
  • Channels: 2
  • Speakers: 2 x 8"
  • Volume: 1 per channel
  • Independent EQ for each channel
  • Microphone input
  • Phase switch
  • Phantom Power
  • RCA Inputs
  • Anti-feedback notch filter
  • Channel Assignable Chorus
  • Digital Reverb
  • Master volume
  • FX loop
  • D.I. Outputs
  • Line Out
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