NUX PT-6 Pedal Tuner with True Bypass
Very sensitive chromatic tuning mode with a wide range.
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NUX AS-4 Amplifier Simulator
AS4 Modern Amp Simulator is low cost but screams with the same kind of fat, warm, blazing sounds of the original amplifiers.
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NUX NSS-5 Solid Studio IR & Power Amp Simulator
The New Era of Mic-ing!
NUX Solid Studio was created and designed to address: limited gear availability, and the cumbersome transport reality of physical amp/speaker cabinets. NUX is proud to introduce the new Verdugo series Solid Studio IR & Power Amp simulator, a pedal version of the most classic amp/cabinet scenarios including microphones and power amp tubes. Over many years of research, Solid Studio was specifically developed to fill the essential needs of discerning musicians and sound technicians, including the art of mic-ing instrument amplifiers on stage or in the studio. Solid Studio provides ease-of-use, reliability, versatility, and, above all, incredible audio quality. Virtual mic-ing is achieved by choosing 1 cabinet and 1 microphone, and fine-tuning the position of the microphone using the mic position switch.  Plus, you can add the tube sound by engaging the power amp simulation.
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NUX NBK5 Masamune Booster & Kompressor
Booster and Compressor Pedals are the gigging guitarist’s secret weapon.   Both pedals are now available in one convenient metal housing, and it comes with selectable signal routing.  The Boost Section comes with Boost Level, Drive, and Hi-Cut controls.  The Compressor Section comes with Komp Level, Sustain, Blend, and Clip controls. The Masamune has an external foot-switch jack Input, you can easily operate the pedal by using an additional remote switch.
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NUX NCP2 Sculpture Mini Compressor
NUX Sculpture Compressor NUX Sculpture Compressor pedal offers a consistent volume output level and sharpens the signals on top and bottom edges. When you start picking your guitar, it will clean the loud (peak) notes and increase the sustain by raising the level of decaying (quiet) notes. Sculpture also contributes to the signal foundation that’s fed into the rest of your effects chain. It has 2 clip modes, simply you can switch between “Clean Mode” and “Clip Mode” by holding the switch for 1 second.
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NUX NOD3 Morning Star Overdrive
Go from Blues-Breaker to Blues-Sky Rocket!  The Morning Star lights up all of the classic aspects of a great blues breaker pedal, but we added something stellar to improve the high-frequencies. Engage the Morning Star foot-switch to add more overhead with saturated grit to your clean tones, and if you wanna’ boost your high-frequencies to a whole other stratosphere, press/hold the foot-switch to activate the Shine circuit which adds a whole new level of tone brightness.
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NUX NDR5 Atlantic Delay & Reverb
A New Horizon for the Delay & Reverb Experience! One of the best Delay and Reverb algorithms in a metal box.  Special select 3 classic Delays & 3 classic Reverbs . . . and we added a bonus “Shimmer” effect which lets you create a dreamy waterfall shimmer--especially handy for intros, interludes, and endings.   And now, because of NUX’s latest Core Image Technology, the new Verdugo Series effect pedals offer pro-level sound enhancement.
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NUX B-3 Wireless System
NUX B-3 Wireless Microphone System The NUX B-3 is a rugged 2.4GHz wireless microphone system designed for those who want to enjoy their favorite wired microphone as wireless. The B-3 is a rechargeable battery powered system that quickly and easily connects to the mic and input xlr jacks. No wires at all and no costly batteries required as it is fully USB rechargeable.
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NUX NMP-2 Dual Foot Switch
It is a multi-foot controller specially designed for arranger instruments (Keyboards, Modules, Effect pedals…etc)  Using this controller you can easily active all the main functions of the equipment.
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NUX Octave Loop Looper Pedal
Octave Loop Looper Pedal with -1 Octave Effect Create a bass line with your guitar
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NUX Mighty 20 BT Modeling Amp
Mighty 20 BT is the perfect amplifier for home It allows you to emulate the sound of a number of other amplifiers within a single package and offers some useful built-in effects as well. Loud enough to rock your party or you can keep it silent for practicing guitar only.
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NUX Mighty Lite BT MINI Modeling Amp

Get a huge wealth of versatility and tones in a super-portable combo.

The NUX Mighty Lite BT is a new standard for the mini-class amplifiers. It’s lightweight and small all-in-one portable guitar amplifier. It's a low-watt practice amp that you can use in any room at your home, put on a desk or take it wherever you want and jam, via the battery-powered operation or USB to power bank connection.

It features three channels, built-in digital reverb, and delay, Nux user-friendly interface design. It also offers an auxiliary line-in and Bluetooth connection for jamming along to your own music. You can improve your jamming skill along with built-in drums and metronome as well. It has good sounding and clean overdrive and distortion channels. With a single coil or humbucker pickup guitar, you can dial up to create any music style sound, such as pop, rock, blues, and metal and more. Enhance your sound with digital effects; Nux Mighty Lite BT has filters and digital effects. You can easily reach the Delay and Reverb effect controls by amp's interface. And there is more to unlock via Mighty Lite BT mobile APP. Your sound is ready to rock now! You can pick a drum beat and play the way you like and feel. There are 9 drum beats in different drumming styles: Pop, Metal, Blues, Country, Rock, Ballad, Funk, RNB and Latin. And a metronome for improving your playing skills. You can use TAP TEMPO to set delay time and drumming speed. You can switch Delay Speed or Drum Tempo by pressing and holding the TAP TEMPO button for 1.5 seconds. The NUX Mighty Lite BT is an ultra-low watt multimedia desktop amplifier. You can connect any music player via 3.5mm AUX-IN or Bluetooth connection. Play along with backing tracks and get the wings on and rock in your bedroom! Or, don't make the baby cry, use your headphones. The Mighty Lite BT is a portable mini amplifier. You can use with the 9V power adapter at home or you can take the amplifier to anywhere you want. It also runs with 6 x AA size battery or you can connect a power bank via USB cable.
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NUX Loop Core Looper Pedal
  • Record and overdub as many layers as you need;up to 6 hours recording time;mono or stereo recording
  • 99 user memories;built-in drum patterns with tap tempo
  • Change the playback tempo of your recorded phrases without changing the key
  • Switching phrases without latency;Extensional pedal (optional) for more control
  • Import and backup phrases with pc;runs on batteries and ac adaptor
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NUX AD-3 Analog Delay

NUX AD-3 Analog Delay Guitar Pedal Low Noise BBD in Delay Circuit Warm Natural Delay Effect

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NUX Mighty 30SE Programmable Amp
The NUX Mighty 30SE modeling amp is a combo amplifier that features 6 classic modeling amp simulations. The powerful Mighty 30 amp has the power to compete with, or beat any amp within the same class. Whether you are a pro or an amateur, the Mighty 30 is all you need. It's ultra portable, compact, and the Mighty 30 amp is also a strongly built unit. You can take it to rehearsals, small gigs, or even to the studio.
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NUX Mighty 50X Programmable Amplifier
Cutting edge tube clipping simulation algorithm. Three band vintage style EQ gives a tube guitar amp response. Four modulation effects including Chorus, Flanger, Phaser & Tremolo. Delay and reverb effects can be used with modulation effects simultaneously. Store up to four presets . Built-in tuner with 7-segment LED display. Dual guitar inputs for vintage and hot guitar pickups. MP3/CD input allows jamming with an external music-playback device (mp3 player, etc.) Headphones/Mixer output.
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