Zoom APH-4nPro H4n Accessory Pack

PKR 19,000

Add an H4n to Your DSLR Video Rig

The Zoom H4n has been a huge hit with indy film producers and videographers from the moment it came out, and they’re a common sight atop DSLR video cameras. This APH-4nPro Accessory Pack comes with all the cabling you need to integrate your H4n into your DSLR setup. It includes everything from an AD-14 AC adapter to a “dead cat”-style hairy windscreen, but Sweetwater video pros have found the splitter and attenuated cable to be incredibly useful for capturing the stereo audio feed from the camera alongside your off-camera H4n.

Zoom APH-4nPro H4n Pro Accessory Package Includes:

  • Hairy windscreen
  • Splitter cable
  • Attenuator cable
  • USB cable
  • AD-14 AC adapter

Zoom APH-4nPro H4n Pro Accessory Package Features:

  • The accessories you need to add your H4n Handy Recorder to your DSLR video rig
  • Comes with a full set of cabling for capturing audio from your camera on a remote H4n
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor shooting environments