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Yamaha STAGEPAS 150M

PKR 105,000

Portable power for gigging or monitoring!

Even lighter than its big brothers, the STAGEPAS 150M consists of a convenient, removable, powered mixer that fits inside the speakers for transport and a handy pole mount receptacle. Plus, a Stereo Link Out and ST SUB OUT jacks help you feed any external speakers, mixers, or recording devices. The STAGEPAS 150M is a compact all-in-one powered PA system aimed squarely at giving keyboardists a great way to monitor themselves as well as functioning as a mono PA. Packing 150-watts of power driving eight channels of audio, the STAGEPAS 150M offers great sound anywhere you go!

  • Detachable Powered Mixer
  • 150W of Class D power
  • Two-way full-range speaker system
  • Built-in EQ and 1-bit modulation reverb
  • Music/Speech switch
  • Auto limiter
  • LED output level meter
  • One speaker cable supplied

Yamaha STAGEPAS 150M at a Glance:

  • Power to go!
  • 8-channel powered mixer
  • 150 watts of Class D power
  • Ideal for monitor speaker use

Power to go!
The STAGEPAS 150M is much lighter and more compact, provides a unique form factor and feature set optimized for keyboardists, and, most importantly, delivers the goods when it comes to sound quality. This single-speaker system also functions very effectively as ultra-portable mono PA system that is upgradeable to stereo with the simple addition of an optional powered speaker.

8-channel powered mixer
The STAGEPAS 150M provides a total of eight input channels: two mono microphone/line inputs and three stereo line inputs. Along with the output for the supplied speaker, the built-in yet detachable mixer also has line outputs that can be used to connect additional powered speakers or to send the mixer’s output to a main mixer or recording device. A convenient PHONES jack is also included for connecting a set of headphones.

150 watts of Class D power
This power amplifier is all you’ll need for most small venues and street performance situations, as well as personal monitoring applications. The advanced Class-D design delivers exceptional efficiency – ensuring high power amplification with low power consumption and minimal heat generation. This means you get superior sound quality and reliability in a remarkably compact unit.

Ideal for monitor speaker use
The STAGEPAS 150M is also effective as a monitor speaker system (especially for keyboard players, drummers and solo performers), thanks to its full-range reproduction, convenient mixing controls, and versatile speaker placement. Or the STAGEPAS 150 can be mounted on a standard speaker stand using an optional mount adaptor.