Vox VX15 GT Digital Modeling Amp

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15-watt 1×6.5″ Digital Modeling Guitar Combo Amp with 11 Amp Models, and 8 Effect Types

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Next-gen Vox Practice Amp

The Vox VX15 GT guitar combo amp opens up a new world of potential for practice amps. Unbelievably lightweight and carefully architected for optimal sonics, the VX15 GT delivers realistic, stage- and studio-ready sounds. Featuring 11 amazing amp models, eight versatile effect types, a sealed bass-reflex chassis made of ABS — and much more — the Vox VX15 GT upends existing ideas of what a 15-watt practice amp should be. Unleash your guitar playing creativity anywhere, anytime, with the Vox VX15 GT.

11 amp models, polished to perfection

Thanks to Vox’s many years of developing modeling amps, the Vox VX15 GT delivers the ultimate in guitar sound. Proprietary Virtual Element Technology (VET) affords the 11 onboard models unparalleled realism, reproducing not only the sound but modeling every individual circuit component that affects the sound. In addition to the Vox classic AC30, the VX15 GTV covers a versatile range of sounds that include famous vintage tube amps, modern high-gain amps, and precious boutique amps. Another cool feature guitarists really appreciate is the “Line” type which supports acoustic as well as electric guitar, further expanding the VX15 GT’s usefulness.

Eight versatile effect types

Also onboard the VX15 GT is a selection of indispensable effects for shaping your tone. There are two rotary FX selectors, Modulation and Delay/Reverb, and you can simultaneously use both, choosing from four types each for a total of eight variations. The VX15 GT is also equipped with a Tap button, so you can intuitively set parameters such as delay time.

Crafted for superior acoustic response

With a sealed bass-reflex chassis made of ABS, the VX15 GT is an ultra-lightweight 8.38 pounds — unbelievable for a guitar amp! However, light weight is not its only advantage. Its sealed ABS body boasts outstanding acoustical properties, minimizing vibration, eliminating sound leakage, and efficiently focusing and projecting your guitar sound. Unlike with typical small amps, the bass-reflex structure ensures a robust low-frequency range and excellent responsiveness. This does not “feel” like a small amp.

Ready to rock anywhere, anytime

Supremely portable, the bantamweight VX15 GT is ready to rock anywhere, anytime. Packed with the same modeled amps and effects as its 50-watt big sibling, the VX50 GTV, the VX15 GT delivers cutting-edge Vox sound quality in a smaller 15-watt package. The Vox VX15 GT sets a new standard for no-compromise practice/recording amps.

Generous support features

An onboard tuner is just one of the many support features for the guitarist you’ll find on the VX15 GT. The Aux input lets you jam along with an external audio source; the headphone/line-out with built-in cabinet simulation is perfect for practicing at home; the Preset mode lets you instantly recall stage-ready sounds; and there’s also a manual mode that updates the settings to reflect the physical positions of the control panel knobs. The purchase of an optional footswitch lets you use your foot to change programs and turn FX on and off. When the VFS5 footswitch (available separately) is connected, program memories are expanded to eight types — ideal for live performances!

Vox VX15 GT Modeling Guitar Combo Amp Features:

  • 15-watt 1 x 6.5″ digital modeling combo amplifier
  • Sealed ABS bass-reflex chassis with 6.5″ speaker
  • 11 Preset Programs; 8 Effects Types
  • User Programs: 2 (using the optional VFS5 footswitch increases number of user programs to 8)
  • 11 Amp models: Deluxe CL, Boutique CL, Boutique OD, Vox AC30, Vox AC30TB, Brit 1959, Brit 800, Brit VM, SL-0D, Double Rec, Line
  • 8 Effect Types: Modulation (Chorus, Flanger, Org Phase, Twin Trem), Delay/Reverb (A.Delay, Tape Echo, Spring, Hall)
  • Optional accessories (available separately): Vox VFS2 footswitch, Vox VFS5 footswitch
  • I/O: Input jack, Headphones jack, Aux In jack, FOOT SW jack
  • Included AC adapter (DC 19V)
  • Weight: 8.38 pounds