Samson SR950 Studio Headphones

PKR 21,000

Great Closed-back Headphones at a Fantastic Price!

Get clear, full-range personal monitoring for a great price, with a pair of Samson’s SR850 closed-back studio headphones. These inexpensive headphones offer many of the same feature found on models costing three times as much. SR950s give you solid bass and clear highs, with a huge frequency response. The closed-back design provides noise reduction and sound isolation. Sweetwater knows that sound isolation while recording is important to any project, and we’re confident that the SR950 can do the job. Whether you’re looking for an affordable pair of headphones for your studio, or simply want to experience the finer details of your favorite music, you’re going enjoy listening with a pair of Samson SR950s.

  • Oversized 50mm drivers deliver extraordinary depth and low-end resolution
  • Closed-back design prevents overwhelming bass, allowing you to hear fine details of your tracks
  • Self-adjusting headband is both secure and comfortable – great for long listening sessions

For great closed-back headphones at a great price, check out Samson’s SR950 studio reference headphones!

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