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Samson Expedition XP300 Portable PA System

PKR 180,000

Portable All-in-One PA System from Samson

The Samson Expedition XP300 is the all-in-one PA you have been looking for. With a six-channel powered mixer and two six-inch speakers driven by 300 watts, this portable PA is ideal for small to medium venues such as houses of worship, schools, and coffee shop gigs. And with a unique speaker-locking design, this system can be packed up and hauled as one unit at just under 24 pounds! This last feature has won over many fans who know from experience how repeated setups can get tiring over time. With this lightweight workhorse system you won’t get tired, but you will get great sound.

Bluetooth equipped for wireless playback freedom

If you want to stream music on your smartphone or another Bluetooth-equipped player, you can go completely cordless with your Expedition XP300. This system is loaded with Bluetooth playback capability. Syncing up is a breeze, and since you can still use the onboard mixer when you’re playing music via Bluetooth, the Samson Expedition XP300 is also great for karaoke parties.

Great features

Yet another cool feature of the XP300 are the speaker enclosures which feature 1 3/8″ speaker stand mounts and a tilt-back design that lets you use them as stage monitors. In addition, the mixer section can be removed and mounted on any standard mic stand using the Samson SMS308 Mixer Stand Holder (sold separately). And finally, a little icing on the cake comes by way of two included 10′ speaker cables. The XP300 really is the all-in-one PA package!

  • 300-watt portable PA system with Bluetooth playback capability
  • 6-channel powered mixer and two 6″ speakers driven by 300 watts fills small rooms with great sound
  • Removable 6-channel mixer makes setting up and tearing down easy
  • Tilt-back design lets you use speakers as floor monitors
  • Unique speaker-locking design allows the system to be packed up and hauled as a single compact unit at under 24 pounds
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows you to wirelessly stream music
  • 16 24-bit digital effects presets with Send level control delivers an array of sounds
  • XLR mic input and USB Wireless port for microphones and Samson’s XPD USB Digital Wireless Systems — sold separately

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