RODE Stereo VideoMic X

PKR 179,000

Camera-mount Stereo Microphone with Integrated Shockmount, Highpass Filter, High-frequency Boost, XLR Output, and Pop/Wind Shield

Professional On-camera Stereo Mic Solution

Ready for a truly professional on-camera video mic? RODE designed their Stereo VideoMic X (SVMX) to be the ultimate broadcast-grade stereo microphone for on-camera use. With its robust, all-metal construction, Stereo VideoMic X stands up to day-in, day-out professional use while delivering high-quality audio and excellent resistance to RF interference. To capture a stunning, highly immersive stereo soundscape, the mic is fitted with a matched pair of ½” true-condenser capsules in a stacked XY configuration. The capsules are supported by the mic’s integrated Rycote Lyre shockmount system, providing isolation from vibration and handling noise.

Balanced XLR output, highpass filter, and more

Digital switching on the rear of the Stereo VideoMic X gives you control over level adjustment (-10/+20dB), the onboard highpass filter (off/75/150Hz), and an innovative +6dB high-frequency boost that increases dialogue intelligibility. And professional-grade balanced mini-XLR outputs — a first for RODE’s VideoMic range — are available on the side of the mic body, in addition to the included RF-shielded 3.5mm stereo output cable. Providing physical protection for the sensitive capsules, an outer dome structure reduces wind noise in the same fashion as RODE’s award-winning Blimp.

Rich, full-bodied audio with lifelike stereo imaging

We’ve put the RODE Stereo VideoMic X through its paces and are amazed at the rich, full-bodied audio it captures and the accuracy of the stereo image. From shot to shot, the VideoMic X tracks the sound of moving subjects flawlessly for natural, lifelike realism that perfectly matches the picture. If you’re ready for an on-camera mic that optimizes the impact of your video productions, look no further than the RODE Stereo VideoMic X.

RODE Stereo VideoMic X Features:

  • Acoustically matched true-condenser capsules
  • Rycote Lyre integrated shockmount
  • Balanced mini-XLR output
  • Frequency range: 40Hz–20kHz
  • Maximum SPL: 143dB
  • Heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Highpass filter
  • 9-volt or phantom power (P48, via mini-XLR)
  • Level adjustment
  • High-frequency boost
  • Includes SC2 TRS cable, pop shield, and wind shield