NUX WK-310 Digital Grand Piano

PKR 180,000

An Entry-level Digital Piano with Excellent Feel

The perfect home life may not be completed without arts. Any passions for music deserve to be taken seriously.

NUX WK-310 is a digital piano for home life that delivers simplicity, fashion and intuitiveness. You will be surprised by its tone and feel.

WK-310 has utilized 5-level dynamic stereo piano sampling and sympathetic resonance technologies to ensure the full and rich sound.

Besides, the 88-key graded hammer-action keyboard with 4 dynamic curves reproduces the touch of a grand piano, giving you an excellent piano experience.

The Dual Voice function, as well as the Split Keyboard function with adjustable split point, provides you with even more flexibility and inspiration while playing two voices simultaneously. Moreover, by connecting a computer to the USB MIDI jack, you can transfer data via MIDI for music production. It is also easy to record by yourself on WK-310 – track your practicing, share your performances, and more.


Simple and Stylish Design

WK-310 has a design of a built-in music stand – modern and

space-saving. The piano body is slim, exquisite, and easy for installation, while the keys have been tested for more than one million times, thus very durable and comfortable.

WK-310 has received acclaim and appreciation for both its exquisite design and advanced technology.


Impeccable, Expressive Sounds

With years of experience in digital music technology, NUX team has utilized 5-level dynamic stereo piano sampling and sympathetic resonance technologies for the voice of WK-310. The combination of dynamic and rich piano timbre and responsive keyboard is crucial for players to perform with incredible expressiveness.

WK-310 has 128 voices and 52 demo songs that can be easily selected by pressing the UP and DOWN buttons.


Authentic Touch and Playability – Dance at Fingertips

To achieve the superb touch and feel, NUX team developed the state-of-the-art WKJ series keyboard in 2019 which has a special metal bracket structural design. The 88-key graded hammer-action keyboard replicates the touch of a grand piano – the keys have a heavier feel in the lower register while a lighter feel in the higher ones. Furthermore, 4 dynamic curves are available to suit your personal style.


Connect with Apps via Bluetooth

Want to experience a new way of learning and practicing, and play the piano like never before?

Download the “NUX Piano Mate” to smartphones or tablets, and connect the WK-310 via Bluetooth to explore more functions.


  • Style: Upright, PVC black satin finish
  • Keyboard: 88-key graded hammer action keyboard
  • Sound Chip: Dream 5708 DSP, 128 built-in tones, 52 demo songs
  • Polyphony number: 189
  • Wireless Method: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Display: 7 segments x 3 LED
  • Controls: Metronome, Recording, Play, Function, Voice
  • Function: 4 dynamic curves, Pitch shift, Metronome, Dual keyboard, Dual voices, Percussion tone, Delay&Reverb
  • Volume: Master volume control
  • Pedals: Soft, Sostenuto, Damper
  • Connections: DC 12V, USB MIDI, AUX IN, LINE OUT, Headphones X 2, Pedal
  • Speakers: 4.5″ x 2 @10W
  • Power supply: DC12V/2A
  • Dimensions: W x D x H: 1354 x 332 x 772 (mm)
  • Weight: 40Kg