Furman PL-8C Power Conditioner with Lights

PKR 121,000

Protect your investment!

The Furman PL-8C Power Conditioner protects your valuable electronic equipment from damaging voltage spikes and provides clean, noise-free AC power to your gear. The PL-8C utilizes Furman’s revolutionary Series Mode Protection (SMP) circuit and Linear Filter Technology (LiFT) comprise what might be the world’s most advanced and comprehensive transient voltage surge suppressor. In the event of unsafe voltage levels, EVS kicks in and safely powers down the PL-8C and your gear to prevent damage. You’ve spent thousands on your gear, and the PL-8C is a very affordable way to protect your investment.

  • Maximum Output Current: 15 amps
  • Line Cord: Captive 3/14 AWG, 10 ft. black cord with NEMA 15 plug
  • Pull-out Lights: Two multi-LED, dimmable lamps
  • BNC Socket w/Switch: Rear rack lamp, 12VAC 500MA maxx (lamp not included)
  • Operating Voltage: 90 to 139 VAC
  • Spike Protection Mode: Line to neutral, zero ground leakage
  • Spike Clamping Voltage: 188 VAC peak @ 3,000 Amps
  • Response Time: 1 nanosecond
  • 8Maximum Surge Current: 6,500 Amps
  • Noise Attenuation: 10 dB @ 10 kHz, 40 dB @ 100 kHz, 50 dB @ 500 kHz
  • Dimensions: 19″ W x 10.5″ D x 1.75″ H
  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Power Consumption: 12 watts

Essential insurance for your electronic gear!
Furman has improved upon its already trusted line with the PL-8C Power Conditioner. With 8 back-panel outlets and 1 front outlet and a 15-amp rating with a built-in circuit breaker, you can connect a rack full of gear and rest assured that no damaging voltage spikes or dirty power will reach your equipment.

Series Mode Protection means no down time!
Furman’s PL-8C Power Conditioner features maintenance-free SMP surge suppression that virtually eliminates service calls. Traditional surge suppression circuits “sacrifice” themselves when exposed to multiple transient voltage spikes, requiring replacement or repair of your surge suppressor. Not so with SMP. With Furman’s SMP, damaging transient voltages are safely absorbed, clamped and dissipated. In cases of extreme transient voltages the PL-8C safely shuts itself, and everything connected to it, down. No sacrificed parts, no service calls, no down time.

The PL-8C’s unparalleled clamping voltage doesn’t come at the expense of safety! While other designs offer clamping voltages that are well above 300VAC peak, (far beyond accepted professional standards), Furman’s SMP clamps at 188VAC peak, 133 VAC RMS even when tested with multiple 6000VAC, 3000 amp surges! This unprecedented level of protection is only available with Furman’s SMP technology. Additionally, the PL-8C contains Furman’s trusted Extreme Voltage Shutdown to protect against accidental connections to 208 or 240VAC, by shutting off the incoming power until the over voltage condition is corrected.

Linear Filtering Technology eliminates AC line noise
The PL-8C employs Furman’s real-world tested Linear Filtering Technology – LiFT – That takes a realistic approach to line noise and “dirty” AC power. LiFT ensures optimal performance through linear filtering and no leakage to ground. Traditional AC conditioners could actually harm audio and video performance more than they help, often adding more than 10 dB of noise to the incoming AC line! The PL-8C also guarantees zero leakage of AC power to ground.

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