Fender CD-60SCE Solid Top All Mahogany Semi Acoustic Guitar

PKR 125,000

Big-bodied Dreadnought Tone with Stage-ready Electronics

Fender’s CD-60SCE All Mahogany dreadnought is a high-performance acoustic-electric, ready to take your tone straight onto the stage. This guitar’s big body form factor combines with a deep cutaway to unlock projecting tone across the full extent of the mahogany neck’s smooth, rolled walnut fingerboard. When played unplugged, you’ll be rewarded with the dark, rich sound of the CD-60SCE’s solid mahogany top, back, and sides, while the pro-grade Fishman pickup/preamp system allows you to electrify your tone with ease. Handy tone-shaping Treble/Bass/Volume controls and an easy-to-read onboard tuner finish the Fender CD-60SCE All Mahogany acoustic-electric guitar with a versatile edge, making this cutaway dread a champion of the stage, studio, or even the couch.

Comfortable Fender “easy-to-play” neck shape

Perhaps more than any other part of the guitar, the shape of the neck largely determines the “feel” of an instrument. An unwieldy neck can quickly put off a player first picking up the 6-string, which is why Fender spec’d this acoustic-electric with their “easy-to-play” profile. Smooth, fast, and not too substantial, Sweetwater guitarists find that the easy-to-play neck is a supremely comfortable shape, sure to inspire any aspiring strummer. Moreover, the fingerboard edges have been rolled to give you an incredibly sleek feel when sliding up and down the neck.

Take in the warmth of all-mahogany tone

Spruce may be the most popular top wood for an acoustic guitar, but mahogany has long served as the second-in-command soundboard timber for its incredibly warm and rich tone. Its round attack and balanced response make it a particular favorite among fingerpickers, singer/songwriters, or musicians who prefer a slightly darker and more old-school sound. Paired with a matching set of mahogany back and sides, this guitar’s smooth, smoky tone is an excellent alternative for any guitarist seeking an alternative to spruce’s brightness.

  • Big-bodied dreadnought tone with a deep cutaway for easy upper fret access
  • Solid mahogany top with mahogany back and sides provide an astounding level of tonal warmth when played acoustically
  • Mahogany neck in Fender’s comfortable “easy-to-play” profile
  • 12-inch radius walnut fingerboard, sporting rolled edges for a sleek feel when gliding up and down the neck
  • Fishman pickup/preamp system allows you to effortlessly take your unplugged tone to the stage
  • Easy-access built-in tuner and Bass/Treble/Volume controls to dial in your sound