Behringer BC1200 Professional 7-piece Drum Microphone Set

PKR 60,000

Complete Drum Mic Set at a Fantastic Price

Seven mics with clamps and windscreens. A sturdy case and double-digit price point. What more can you ask for from a drum mic set? With the Behringer BC1200 Professional 7-piece Drum Microphone Set, you get a full set of top-notch drum mics at an economical price, making for the perfect addition to your recording arsenal. The KM1200 kick mic delivers the fat and full bass drum sound demanded by today’s players and producers, with four TM1200 mics for beautifully capturing your snare and toms. A pair of CM1200 overhead mics is great for cymbals of all kinds, with a durable case complete with latches and a convenient handle to safely stow away these mics between uses. Studio-quality drum recordings are always within reach with the Behringer BC1200 Professional 7-piece Drum Microphone Set.

  • 7-piece drum microphone set with windscreens and heavy-duty case
  • BC1200 bass drum mic captures thickness and thump of kick drum
  • 4 TM1200 mics specially designed for toms and snares
  • 2 CM1200 overhead mics capture cymbals and the full dimension of your kit
  • Included hoop clips make for easy mic placement

BC1200 mic for thick and thumpy kick sounds

For many players, the kick drum is the heart of the beat. Why trust its sound to anything other than a top-quality mic? With its large-diaphragm dynamic capsule, the KM1200 serves up solid punch and fullness for your kick. Specially tuned for bass drums, the KM1200 mounts directly to a short mic stand for optimal positioning inside the drum opening. Sweetwater drummers love the KM1200’s wide dynamic range, perfect for nailing a variety of kick sounds. Point it directly at the beater for a pronounced and heavy attack, or further toward the edge for more resonance.

Capture all the intricacies of your shells with TM1200 mics

Tailor-made for tom and snare drums, the TM1200 medium diaphragm mic does a fantastic job of translating your tone for recordings and performances. With the included mount clamps, each TM1200 mic secures directly to the drum hoop with adjustable angles and distances to find the perfect spot. For best results, position each mic towards the center of the drumhead.

Solid CM1200 overhead mics for your cymbals

Crash cymbals, rides, hi-hats — this pair of CM1200 overhead mics can capture all of your cymbals with fantastic results. Just mount these phantom-powered mics to boom stands and position them above your kit to pick up all the shimmer and brightness of your cymbals.