Akai Professional APC Key25 MK2

PKR 59,500

Unleash Your Performance Potential

As any user of Ableton Live knows, its performance mode is a cornucopia of opportunity, allowing for modular playback and on-the-fly adjustments for a versatile live show. True to Akai’s APC series, the Key25 Mk2 is precisely modeled to indulge the flexible opportunities afforded with Ableton Live. The 25-note range returns, this time outfitted with a Gen 2 dynamic keybed. Like its predecessor, you’re getting an ergonomically designed array of fully assignable 360-degree rotary knobs, alongside a 40-button grid for launching, managing, and controlling clips and scenes. Production pros appreciate the thoughtful, quality-of-life updates made to the user experience, such as the RGB-backlit pads. Each APC Key25 Mk2 also comes boxed with the powerful, versatile virtual instruments of AIR Music Technology, as well as a copy of Ableton Live Lite.

  • 5-inch x 8-inch grid matrix includes 40 buttons for launching clips in your session
  • RGB-backlit pads ensure vivid representation of on-screen information
  • Streamlined visual layout ensures a clutter-free experience
  • Righthand buttons let you launch and manage entire scenes
  • Shift controls allow for click-free control of clips and scenes
  • 4-way navigation buttons enable painless movement throughout your clip matrix
  • 8 assignable rotary knobs feature 360º range of motion to accommodate use in with any parameters
  • 25-note Gen 2 Dynamic Keybed provides responsive, synth-weight keys for instrumental performance
  • Dedicated oct up/down, and shift buttons drastically increase range of key-based playback
  • Included AIR Music Technology plug-ins add inspiring instruments across numerous synths and pianos

Set the scene

With the APC Key25 Mk2, the 40-button, 5-inch x 8-inch control grid returns, designed to mimic the respective placement within your DAW grid. The RGB-backlit buttons allow them to be color coded to represent the clips on-screen more accurately, glowing vividly for unwavering execution in any performance. The pads themselves have been enlarged to encourage a more fluid workflow. Scenes can be cued all at once via the righthand column of buttons, with dedicated shift controls for click-free navigation. Along the bottom, directional pads allow you to move through your clip matrix with ease.

Clutter-free workflow

Akai’s deep history of beat making means they know a few things about efficient production, and the little things can go a long way. The APC Key25 Mk2 tidies up its interface for a smoother, uninterrupted workflow. All of the buttons are now polygonal, maintaining clean ratios of distance and shape, relative to one another, drastically reducing visual clutter. Similarly, labels are now directly in line with their respective buttons. Each of the eight assignable knobs features a 360-degree rotation with an ergonomically satisfying feel, doing away with distracting, clock-like marks.

Improvise at every level

Now designed with Akai’s Gen 2 Dynamic Keybed, the 25-note keyboard provides excellent response across its synth-weight keys. Expression and range aren’t limited to just 25 notes, however, with dedicated buttons for octave up/down, and sustain, supplementing your sound with plenty of dimension. To inspire your time with the ivories, Akai has bundled the APC Key25 Mk2 with a virtual instrument pack from AIR Music Technology. Their award-winning sound design comes in the form of three plug-ins. Hybrid 3 evokes iconic, analog synths with polyphonic playback. Mini Grand delivers evocative acoustic pianos, while Velvet is comprised of vintage-sounding electric pianos.