Anpro GT-1 Tuner

Anpro GT-1 Guitar Tuner 360 Degrees Rotation

  • EASY TO USE: Tuner is easily installed and use thanks to its small size, Its clamp allows to leave it on the device at the end of the handle to adjust the strings and then the LCD 360 rotation in clear state, then settle progressively the instrument, our screen is very legible and pleasant, when the color changes from red to green, it's good, we can relax or relax the rope and get the stamp that you need (the detailed use to the third image)
  • FIVE MODES: There are five modes on the tuner, (U is ukulele, C is temperate range, g is guitar, B is bass, V is violin), if your instrument is to which, you press the button until in the corresponding mode, for example, if you want to tune a guitar, you have to put on "G" by pressing the button (more information, look at the third picture please)
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