NUX PA-50 Personal Monitor

PKR 32,000

NUX PA-50 is a powered monitor designed for e-drums, vocals, keyboards, acoustic and electric instruments. Being a full range powered monitor, PA-50 can fully present the richness of tone characteristic of all kinds of instruments. Dual channel input, 3-band equalizer, 1″ tweeter and 6.5″ woofer, PA-50 is perfect for small gigs, studio recording or even living stage performance.


Versatile Onboard I/O Ports
PA-50 comes with various onboard connectors which can cover musician’s daily needs ultimately.

Small Gigs
The onboard dual input channel of PA-50 is ideally for small concert. With just 2 PA-50, you can gig with a standard 4-man band.
• Connect your e-drums and electronic bass to INPUT 1 of each PA-50.
• Connect your Microphone and keyboard to INPUT 2 of each PA-50.
• Adjust the volume level and overall tone of each PA-50.

One Man Performance
You can connect your guitar and microphone to PA-50 simultaneously for one man performance.Connect your guitar to INPUT 1 of PA-50:
• Connect your microphone to INPUT 2 of PA-50.
• Adjust the volume level and overall tone of PA-50.